Monday, May 8, 2017

Baptism Weeks - Weeks 99 and 100

Hello. Happy beginning of summer. (at least for school getting out)

Being in the big city of Lyon, you run into random groups of missionaries who just happen to come to the city. We were walking to the office on Tuesday to grab something and we run into some other guys who are from another city outside of Lyon. So of course we just took the occasion to go out to lunch with them. Turns out they lost their keys on the beach the day before and had to come up to Lyon to get their spare set. 

Later that night we took a train down to Gap because Elder Preator had to start his legality papers. The mission knows where to send missionaries because some of the city halls are harder to do legality in then others. But we got to go to Gap the night before and we had a couple of hours so we went and visited some old members from back in the day when I was there. Apparently the missionaries there haven't been able to see this certain family for a few months and they haven't been coming to church but we showed up and of course they were surprised to see us but they let us in and we talked for a bit. I forgot how small of a city Gap is. Being able to walk across it in 20 minutes makes it a lot different then Lyon. We also surprised the family that got baptized while I was there. It was the funniest to see their reaction when I just showed up on their doorstep. I'm still pretty sure that I'm the tallest person that they know. 

We got up the next morning and turned in Elder Preator's papers and then did what any other missionaries would do and went to the only Chinese buffet in town. We caught our train back to Lyon and I had forgotten how cool it is to take a train out of Gap since it's in the middle of the French Alps.

We went and visited this older couple in the ward this week to introduce them to my new comp. We shared a video about the Paris temple and of course they are excited to have one in France but they've actually served in the Switzerland Temple presidency three times so their temple will always be in Switzerland. They're just a really funny old couple who make fun of each other and right when we were about to leave they told us we couldn't leave yet since they made a bunch of crepes for us to eat. So of course we couldn't be rude so we ended up eating all of them.

The Clermont Elders came in for an exchange this week and so we called a bunch of extra people to try and fix extra rendez vous so that both companionships would be busy all day long. Well it turned out that every single one of them fell through. That's missionary life for ya. The Clermont guys left that night and Elder Preator and I went to another visit that we had scheduled and of course the only one where it was actually me and my actual comp, they were home. So it wasn't all bad. 

We had our P-day on Tuesday instead of Monday because every May 1st here in France is their labor day where literally everything is closed. No stores, no transport, nothin'. Since we knew everybody would be home, we just decided to walk around the entire city and visit them all instead which turned out pretty well. We even went and helped the Chinese Elders teach one of their Chinese members he told us about how he just went to the Paris Temple open house. Oh, and we ate a bunch of Chinese snacks. Yum! Which is definitely a lot different then American or French stuff. 

A lot of things are normally closed in France on Mondays so we were able to do things that we normally couldn't since we had P-day on Tuesday. There is this museum in Lyon called the Musée des Confluences, which the thing looks like a spaceship from the outside, and we ended up staying there for 3 hours looking at exhibits ranging from cultural history to the way death is seen around the world to everything you can think or know about venom. It's been a long time since I've learned that much new information so I had a headache afterwards from reading most of the things in there. The best part was that college kids get in for free and I had my BYU ID on me and they said that worked. Cool. 

We had a district meeting where we got this brilliant idea (or something like that) and decided to play the Newlywed Game but with each companionship. Basically the questions ranged from what Disney character would your comp date to what would your comp eat on a romantic night out. And surprisingly one of the companionship got the 2nd question right when they said cereal. Who knew. We ended up making some English food since we have three Brits around to do it and I ended up helping a bunch because of all the time I've been with English kids. 

A couple of our investigators got baptized on Saturday. It was pretty cool because they had invited a bunch of their family and they showed up early so we talked to them for a bit and one of them even came to church the next day. We had a pretty solid turnout of over 50 people there and our investigators even made food for everyone afterwards. 

We ate with one of the senior couples on Sunday. He has been a stake president and after eating and making the brownie mix that you sent, Mom, he told us their conversion story and how to better run the wards here in France. Apparently in his home stake, they have over a 90% retention rate. So we'll see what we can do. 

That's really it for the week. Talk ya soon. 

Elder BAW

Julie and her Mom that I taught and baptized in Gap

The District

The newest members of the church