Monday, April 10, 2017

Becoming a Tahitian - Week 96

This week was a pretty solid one. For some reason, the last week of the transfer, when we don't actually have any missionary meetings and just have plenty of time to do things, lots of stuff happened. 

And also at the end of every transfer, we go to President's house to hang out with everyone in the Lyon area and eat whatever American food Sister Brown cooks up. She always makes way too much and ends up just giving it to us as we are leaving. She also keeps a huge candy jar full and makes sure we have full pockets leaving. She's basically like that grandma that just spoils everyone. I did get to play basketball with Elders Wade and Zhu for like three hours so that was fun.

There is a less active member that we go and visit every week who is Chinese who also speaks English. Every time before we go over to see him, I have the Chinese Elders teach me funny things to say in Chinese. So every time I see a Chinese person, I break out my few lines of Chinese that I have learned and they always laugh. It probably doesn't help when they hear a tall white kid asking them "Am I tall?" when they're already having to strain their neck to look at me. But hey, it works out every time. 

Another member that we've been working with a ton lately has been less active for a few years and we've been able to get him to come back to church a lot lately and he's probably going to be coming to the temple dedication next month which will be sweet. He had us over to his place for a BBQ with one of his buddies. They both play professional rugby so when they do a BBQ, they mean it. Like at least 15 pounds of food and we ate all of it. It was pretty funny seeing these two huge islanders around this tiny BBQ with two American guys in white shirts listening to some Reggae music. Such is the life here sometimes. But the other guy is from New Zealand and his whole family is Mormon and he even has a couple cousins who play volleyball for BYU so that's sweet. We'll see what we can do with him.

The next day, the guys from Clermont came down and we did an exchange with them and I went with Elder Thomas who is in his first month on his mission. New missionaries are best. They're still trying to figure things out and if you're older in the mission, they just think you're the best missionary ever. Well, we took the car that they have and tried to go and visit a few people who live a little ways out. One of the people we tried to visit didn't answer their door and then she actually pulled up right when we were leaving and yelled at us and said "Hey, I know you. You're the Elders. I have to go now but come by some other time." We didn't have to say a word. Well at least she's interested. 

Later that night we went with all the Elders in Lyon that are in our zone and ordered some pizzas and we all slept at one person's apartment and played some card games and just had some fun. As much fun as missionaries can while going to bed at 10:30. And no we don't have parties every day, we had transfer calls the next morning. I am staying in Lyon for my last transfer and I get a new companion, Elder Preator.

After playing our usual basketball on Saturday morning, we went and visited a few people through out the day and then we had our Tahitian night with the ward. They went all out and made real Tahitian food and had real instruments from the islands and did real dances. And then that's where the missionaries come in We danced the Haka in our white shirts and ties. The ward was definitely entertained. Haha. 

That's about it. Have a good week. 

Practicing the Haka