Monday, April 24, 2017

And Loving Tahitian Food - Weeks 97 and 98

Hello. I never got around to doing a weekly email last week because I just didn't but here ya go. Only have three more of these to skip, uh I mean do. 

Speaking of which. This is the beginning of all the endings. Last transfer, last companion, last city, last everything. It's kind of a weird feeling that keeps setting in the longer the month goes on. Plus everyone makes jokes about me going home so that never helps out. 

Well just like you know, two weeks ago was transfer day and so I said goodbye to Elder Masters which is always weird when you've spent every day with someone for three months. That's a mission for ya. Since we are in Lyon though, we were at the train station pretty early so we saw a lot of people coming in and out of Lyon since it's one of the big hubs in the mission for transfers. We basically just help get missionaries to their trains on time with all their luggage. It might be a sight to see when you see like fifteen people with forty pieces of luggage wearing white shirts and ties and others wearing skirts in a big pack going to a train that leaves in four minutes and you have to shove all their luggage on the train. 

Since we still have the 2nd biggest apartment in Lyon, we house a lot of people in our place the night before a mission conference. Normally we have only two guys in our place and a year ago, there were four people living in the same apartment but we were able to fit nine guys in there. Literally, the entire floor of the apartment had mattresses on it. It's always funny when you're with a lot of people in the morning because everyone has their own alarm that they use to wake up and since they're not all perfectly synced, at around 6:30 am, there were about a dozen alarms with different sounds going off. Maybe a new idea for some new type of music? 

At the conference, since Sister Brown was in charge of a game, she did her normal thing and showed us some type of sports highlights/movie clip/whatever and somehow relates it to the gospel. This time she featured Cinderella. But the funny part of the whole thing was that the game we played was that we were in teams of two and one person was blindfolded and the other person took a shoe off and threw it in a pile. And it's not like there were just ten people, there were at least fifty people so not a bad amount of shoes there. Sister Brown said start and everyone ran to the pile of shoes and somehow my shoe got kicked and it flew into the air and right into the hands of my partner. So he grabbed it and we won! And we weren't just playing for nothing, we won some Lindt chocolate bunnies! And that's expensive chocolate for missionaries. We weren't joking around. Incidentally, I learned that Lindt here is different in America. It's much better here. No surprise there. 

But the whole idea of the conference was about the temple and how to use it more in our daily work. But what's been cool is that President Brown has wanted us to do our own family history work so that when the temple dedication comes around, we'll have found someone that we can do ordinances for sometime. 

After the conference we basically did a wild goose chase looking for a bag of one of the Elders in Bordeaux who was supposed to fly home that day but he couldn't find his bag with his passport in it so he couldn't fly back. Well long story short, the office Elders took it for some reason and didn't tell anyone and so it was in their apartment. 

We had a district meeting, which just turned into a zone meeting because both of the districts come to Lyon and we always eat together. Well since we have three Tahitians in our zone, we got them to make us some real Tahitian food. Basically just a lot of fish and vegetables and this thing called poĆ© (a Tahitian fruit pudding) which is really good and someone should learn how to make it for me. Thanks. I've never really had Tahitian food before and that makes twice in two weeks

We visited one of the older couples in our ward this week and it was one of the funniest lunch appointments I've been to. He is a high councilor and the entire time he was making jokes and they were making fun of each other. He was making everything a lot more dramatic then it needed to be and would pound on the table for his wife when he wanted more food. Everything in a joking matter of course but when you're in your 70's and just make fun of each other in front of the missionaries, I think you've got a good relationship. 

We've got a couple of investigators who are getting baptized in a few weeks and we've had some really cool rendez vous' with them lately. We've been teaching them for a few months now and they've been talking about how they've already been baptized and all that stuff. Well they've slowly been changing that thought and I think a major reason why is that we've made the temple the end goal for them instead of baptism and they see that their decision of being baptized and going to the temple isn't just for them but for all of their ancestors and good stuff. We've found out that the videos that the church has produced has made a huge difference. I'm not sure if you've ever seen How Rare a Possession, a true story about guy in Italy who finds a copy of the Book of Mormon. Our investigator saw it and it changed her mind about being baptized because she thought she was too old and seeing this other guy in the movie change religions and getting baptized again really made her want to. Anyways, I'll keep you updated on that one too. 

After church yesterday, there was a rugby game, a soccer game and the presidential elections going on here so as we were walking about, we saw people wearing a lot of different colors for all the teams that were playing and people handing out pamphlets for different candidates. Every time someone tries to give us something, we just say we're Americans and they leave real quick. Funny how that happens.

Well. That's all folks.