Monday, March 20, 2017

Well, Here's Somewhat of an Update ... - Weeks 91, 92 and 93

I apologize for being really bad at sending weekly emails. It's honestly solely my fault. It's just more fun to talk with people instead of talking about the things I did during the week. Plus after doing 90+ of them, it sometimes feel like they're all the same! But here's a brief summary of my last few weeks. 

There is a less active that we visit basically every week. He's from China and has lived in France for a while but actually doesn't really speak any Chinese anymore. Once we were with him and the Chinese Elders at the church and they tried speaking Chinese with him and he couldn't remember the language and he really only speaks English. It's always interesting to me that someone who grew up speaking a certain language has almost completely lost it. But I guess that's how it is sometimes. It's funny because every time we go over he offers us chips, ice cream, colored drink (Kool-Aid) and herbal tea. Always in that order too. 

Three weeks ago was the first week of the transfer and the trainers came to Lyon for a few days to wait for the new missionaries to come. Some of the trainers are good friends of mine from around the mission so we were able to spend all day on P-day with them and we showed them around for a few days because the new guys got their flights delayed and didn't get until a day afterwards. Poor kids. I remember thinking how long the voyage was to come over and they had an extra day of travel because of delays. 

The Mahaffeys finished their mission last week so all the missionaries in Lyon got together and had a little going away party for them. What was funny though was the guys in the office got all the missionaries in the mission to send pictures and messages that they put together in a movie type of thing that they showed to the Mahaffeys while they were there. I was helping out at the very end getting it together and they saw me doing it and thought I put it together. It wasn't me who put it together but I did do something so I'll take it. Somehow I get roped into helping out with a lot of things. 

There is this family in the ward who is famous/infamous for feeding the missionaries. They're famous because they make really good food and invite us over often but infamous because they make so much of it and want us to eat it all. And on top of that, they make these beignets, basically a French donut kind of a thing, that they make and it's always a challenge of who can eat the most after already stuffing yourself. I'm proud to say that every time I've had at least double digit beignets and won every time so far. 

Last week, the Chinese members in the other ward invited us to go to this restaurant that one of them works at. Surprise Surprise, it was a Chinese restaurant. We got there and it turns out they actually decided to invite the missionaries from their ward this time. We all sat down and of course I put myself next to all the Chinese people and it ended up with all the Chinese people (and me) on one side of the table and then everyone else on the other. The Chinese members are just talking to each other in Chinese and the other side started to order their food and one of the Chinese members turns to me and in English asked if I want them to order. Now I don't know about you but I trust a Chinese person to order good food at a Chinese restaurant. They ended up getting a ton of food and I can proudly say I was the only non-Chinese person to only use chopsticks. Basically I'm one of them now. 

We did a district meeting this week and I was trying to figure out how to make sure everyone wasn't just sitting there for two hours straight and since we were talking about the gathering of Israel, Elder Zhu and I figured out a game for everyone to play "gather Israel". Basically we hid clues around the five story church for them to try and find and collect all of the "lost tribes" (candy) the fastest. It ended up being pretty funny watching a bunch of missionaries run up and down the stairs. At least they'll never forget that district meeting. It actually worked out pretty well too. Afterwards, we took a road trip to Clermont with the Elders in their car since it takes over 2 1/2 hours to get there to go and do a baptismal interview. Turns out that the guy we did it for actually plays American football for a French. I heard there were teams here but I didn't think it was a real thing since I never saw any of them. You already know I had a nice time talking football with him because you hardly ever find a French person who can hold their own while talking football. Maybe if college doesn't work out, I can just come and coach French people playing football.

Well that about wraps it up. Talk to you soon(ish).


Finally, the matching coats photo WITH Carlson