Monday, February 27, 2017

Overview - Weeks 89 and 90

Brief review for the past couple of weeks:
  • Visited a giant Catholic basilica that's super famous in Lyon for P-day and took some pictures. 
  • Went on an exchange with the Elders from Clermont and they have a car so I got to go drive around all day trying to find less actives that live far away. 
  • We had an open house for our new chapel here and the ward asked all the American missionaries to make a collective 1,000 cookies. Yup 1,000! (They really don't have cookies here so French people love American cookies.)
  • Sat at the church all day and gave tours and presentations and handed out cookies to people who came and visited the church. 
  • The Mahaffeys are leaving to go home this week so the ward had a testimony meeting kind of thing where everyone basically professed their love for them.
  • Since it was the last week of the transfer, we spent last P-day at President's house eating tacos with about 30 or so missionaries and played basketball and a bunch of other fun American stuff.
  • Also on a side note, there is a sister missionary named Sister Wilson and we've started up a joke where we're cousins and we've convinced a few people so we'll see how long it goes.
  • We had a member of our ward teach us how to do genealogy and cool stuff to do with it so we can use it better for missionary work. 
  • We made some sushi with a bunch of Chinese members and some missionaries. I have to say I've learned to really like it on my mission. 
  • We played basketball with almost a dozen missionaries and it felt good to actually play real basketball. It's been a while.
  • The Walkers went home yesterday so they invited us to dinner with some other missionaries and young adults they taught in Lyon. 
  • We went out to visit a couple of less actives who live a 30 minute train ride away. We saw the first one and helped him learn English for his new job and the second one, who is a professional rugby player, said we could at first see him but had to wait a bit so we went and grabbed lunch at McDonald's. He then canceled while we were eating so he could go to a water spa resort thing with his teammates so Elder Masters bought another meal to eat. 

That's really it. Staying in Lyon again for the next six weeks at least. 

Love, Elder Wilson