Monday, February 13, 2017

No, I Don't Play Professional Rugby - Week 88

Well at the beginning of the week it seemed like it was going to be a promising week but 12 rendezvous that fell through later, it still ended up pretty solid.

We had Zone Conference this week and in the past I have had an interview with President Brown every 3 months but things have changed and now we have an interview every month and a half. So on Tuesday we were supposed to be at the church for interviews at 8ish but we got a call at 4:00 and they were like, "Hey you have an hour to get changed and come to the office for your interview." That changed our day a little bit. We later found out they moved them up so our mission President could take the new office couples out to dinner. I guess it was for a good reason at least. 

One of the sister missionaries in our ward has been sick all week so we've been helping them out by doing different things. They hadn't done any shopping for the week, so after Zone Conference they called us and asked if we could help them out and do it for them. We went over to their apartment and grabbed their list and this little rolling caddy thing that only old people use, and now us, to grab things. Luckily there is a big grocery store right next to their apartment. 

Here in France, rugby is one of the most popular sports so there are a lot of islanders from the Pacific who come to play here and since there are so many members who live there, there happens to be members who play rugby professionally. There is a less active in our ward who plays in a city not too far away. He has been coming to church the past few weeks which apparently hasn't happened for a while and last Sunday he was wearing these super cool shoes that I liked and so I complimented him on them. Then on Wednesday we visited him and talked for a bit and as we were leaving I saw those shoes and said they were sweet and so he told me to try them on and I told him I can't take his shoes of course so he then proceeds to grab them and put them in a bag and hands them to me. Well I don't know if you've ever tried to say no to a huge rugby player but it doesn't work so well. 

I'm not sure how many of you are well versed in your "I'm a Mormon" videos but there is one about a French guy who flies airplanes. Turns out he's in our ward here and we went and ate lunch with him this week. That was pretty cool.

We played more basketball on Saturday morning and people don't like playing with me because I'm so tall. So, looks like nothing has changed, but later that night we got a call from one of the Chinese members in the other ward asking us if we wanted to come and eat with his friends and some other members that night since they were eating Chinese food. Somehow whenever Chinese food is involved, we get an invite. This time we surprisingly ended up eating chili with these little rice ball things with sesame seeds inside. The more I eat Chinese food, the more I realize how westernized I am in terms of food that I think is weird. It was pretty good none the less.

That's about it for now. Have a good one!

Elder W.