Monday, October 3, 2016

Apple Country - Weeks 68 and 69

Well this week's email is basically just going to be a long list of bullet points of things that happened in the last two weeks. If you want any further explanation, feel free to email me and you'll get a response in 7 to 21 business days. 

All the way back to September 19th-
  • We gave a less active member a blessing because he is getting surgery and giving blessings in French are still different but it’s a lot easier when you're not actually the one who is saying the words.
  • We went out to our Branch President's house to do some service for him and we cleaned out his pool and I mowed his lawn with one of those lawn mowers without a motor that you would find in the corner of your grandparent’s garage.
  • Later that day we took a train down to Manosque because we had to go all the way up to Avignon the next morning. 
  • To get to Avignon on time we got up at 4 a.m. Yup That’s a 4.
  • Luckily we got there early so we were able to look around the city and there is this huge palace that a Pope built. The city has a long of history with the Catholic Church. I'm sure Google can help you out with some more information because sadly, I was unable to gather a lot of info because of lack of time.
  • After the meeting we drove back to Gap with the Senior Couple, Elder and Sister Walker, and we drove through the French countryside and bought some salted caramel ice cream cones. Those things are way underrated.
  • Friday night we took another train down to Manosque to help the Elders there move the next day.
  • I discovered that throwing pillows and mattresses from the 4th floor of an apartment is a lot more effective then carrying them down the stairs. All the neighbors enjoyed the Americans be effective movers.
  • Last Monday the Manosque guys came up to Gap and spent the day with us for P-day because we were going to do an exchange the next day.
  • As part of the exchange I went with the older missionary from Manosque and we sent the two younger guys together. They're combined missionary experience in the field was 10 weeks.
  • On Tuesday we knocked on a bunch of doors together and for both of the new guys it was their first time knocking doors. Basically if you just use the fall back plan of saying you're new in France and don't know French, the people you meet will talk to you and practice for a bit. 
  • Wednesday we went out to the Branch President's house again and this time we took apart his whole trampoline and set it up in a different part of his yard. He has this thing where he really likes to practice English with us and what makes it funnier is he has a super French accent with it but actually speaks really good English. 
  • I also happened to bring some Pop Rock candy with me, sent from Momma Wilson, and since they have five kids, I let them experience some American Candy. Surprisingly they loved that stuff. Definitely a good idea to give to people not from America.
  • Apparently Gap is known as apple country and so when you drive anywhere outside of the city, there are apple orchards everywhere. 
  • We went out the outskirts of Gap to this city called Embrun. You should definitely look that one up on Google. It's a city on the shore of a lake with a huge mountain right next to it. Beautiful. We did some service with six other members and we cleared out this member’s yard that was probably 3/4 of an acre with grass that was waist high. Using all the trimmers and lawn mowers we could, we cleared it out in like 5 hours.
  • Later that night, the Manosque guys came up and we had a district meeting with the Walkers in their apartment based on the talk by Sheri Dew called "You Were Born to Lead, You Were Born for Glory." It's a BYU speech. Go look it up for a good read. And then they made us some French dip sandwiches. Seemed pretty fitting.
  • We watched General Conference in the office at the church and on Sunday some members came and made us some sandwiches and brought a huge 30ish pound box of apples that they picked from their neighbor’s apple orchard and wanted us to deliver the apples to all the members around. I have to say, freshly picked apples are pretty good. 

Well that about does it for this summary of the couple of weeks. Take care everyone.


Elder Wilson


 Training time

Enjoying some Pop Rocks