Monday, September 5, 2016

Citadels in Sisteron - Week 65

Another week comes and goes here in land of wine and cheese. I have eaten plenty of cheese so far but can't say I've tried some wine. 

This week starts very similarly as it did the last. We were asked by the Walkers to help move some stuff into their apartment but this time some of the guys from Lyon came down with a bunch of the Walker's stuff in a van. After getting it all unloaded, Sister Walker was kind enough to cook us lunch. That's makes three times in one week that they've fed us. You have to love having a senior couple around.

The next day we were pretty open and so we decided to take the train up to this town right in the middle of the alps. It's about 20 miles away from Italy too. There are a couple of members who live up there but nobody was available so we ended up visiting some old investigators and doing some contacting around the city. It's a really pretty city. It's right on the coast of this super blue lake surrounded by mountains. You can't find this many other places. After getting back to Gap, we went and helped the Walkers translate some stuff and taught English class.

We were down in Manosque the night before our district meeting to help the Elders out with some rendez vous that they had. We were waiting just outside one of the apartments all talking together and this lady came over to us and said, "You guys must be Mormons because of how happy you look." Turns out she's 99 years old and had met Mormons a while ago.

After district meeting on Thursday, we got a ride back to Gap with the Walkers. About halfway between Manosque and Gap there is this city called Sisteron that has this big citadel castle looking thing in the middle of the city on top of the hill. Right before we were going to pass it they asked us if we had ever been to it before and we told them no. Then they said, "Well good. Looks like today would be a great time to do it." So we stopped and walked around and explored it for a while. In part of it, there was this staircase that went down into the base of a hill and so naturally we decided to run down it just for the heck of it. At the bottom there was just this really dark room but all along the staircase, there were places where there used to be cannons for warfare. For some reason, we had this brilliant idea to run up all 256 stairs to the top. I was going pretty well until I hit about stair 200 and started slowing down. That's what a mission will do to ya. Apparently the citadel got bombed during WWII and was partially destroyed and it was rebuilt a while back ans some Polish Prince was held captive there. The Walkers even bought us some ice cream too. What nice people.

For the rest of the week we basically just visited a bunch of people around the city. We went and talked to this less active member and she told us how she's been in the church forever and she said back when she was about 16 years old, she was up in Paris when President McKay came and had meetings with all of the members around. She told us that he greeted every single person there and as he got to her, he knew that she had a question for him, which she did. She asked him if he had seen Heavenly Father and he told her no but that he has heard him. Awesome! Anyways, if you ask a member who has been around a while a little bit about their life, they also seem to have pretty cool stories about the church.

There was some holiday or festival or something going on last weekend and for part of it, they shot off some fireworks not too far away from our apartment. Luckily someone had told us about it so we knew to look for them but this time if we stood on some chairs on our balcony we could see over the other balcony and see like the upper half of the fireworks. At least it's an upgrade from last time.

That about wraps up the week. I have to give a shout-out to my dad whose birthday is this week. Another year older and another year closer to when he can't beat me at sports. Happy birthday!

Elder Wils



In honor of my team playing their first game this weekend. Go Cougs! 
(even my tie has a Y on it!)