Monday, August 22, 2016

Poppin' Some Bubbly - Week 63

Well I find myself in the same place as last week. Still sitting somewhere in a small city in the south of France. But honestly I realized this last week that I'm currently living in the south of France in the Alps. I'm impressed they trust 20-year-old guys to go out and do things every day.

I learned that France has random holidays that they celebrate. The holidays usually come from the Catholic calendar or a day that some French King decided he wanted the day off. Last Monday we were waiting for a bus to pass to take us to go do our grocery shopping when after a few minutes we realized it wasn't going to come. After walking through town a little bit and seeing everything closed, we asked some people around what was up and apparently it was another holiday I've never heard of. Well at least all the French people got the day off. Except the ones at McDonald's. Thanks for my Big Mac.

We had district meeting down in Manosque again this week and since we live so far away, we had to come down the night before to sleep there. Well the Manosque missionaries happened to have a dinner appointment with a member that night who said we could come. Basically it was a family with six kids who were all older and they loved playing games. I'm not sure how many of you are caught up in your French card game culture but for those who aren't, there is this game called Werewolf where everyone is given an identity and you basically have a secret role and you have to decide as a town who to kill every day and you go through different night cycles. Anyways, French people love it and it's really fun when it's a mix of a bunch of French people and missionaries speaking different languages try to figure out who to get rid of. Maybe I'll bring it back to America.

District meeting was good. It's always nice just to get with other missionaries and talk and be normal people and share ideas of how to do things. But one guy in our district wants to be a chef when he gets home and so he made us this meal from the Reunion Islands. And luckily we have someone in the district from there and apparently it was pretty authentic. I wonder how many different kinds of food from different countries are on my mission. A lot probably.

We realized this last Tuesday that Aitchison and I have been together for 100 days and it also happened to be his 6-month mark. Well to celebrate, we had got some sparkling cider with one of those corks on it like a champagne bottle and decided to celebrate by blowing the top off and eating some bread and cheese for dinner. That's about as crazy of a party you'll get coming from Gap. Happy 6 months my little British friend.

We showed up to church on Sunday and just like any other Sunday nobody was there until 5 minutes before church started. Well all of a sudden people just kept showing up. And kept showing up and kept coming. On a normal Sunday we have about 20 people come but we had over 45 this week. Like we didn't even fit everyone in the chapel because it wasn't big enough for that many. It was weird seeing so many people at church. I guess that's what happens when I've served in tiny branches for so long. But our Branch President's wife is going to have a baby soon so he somehow was able to gets all four of his kids to church and handle them by himself. Well his two youngest wouldn't let him go during sacrament meeting so I showed one of them how to draw on my iPad and that kept her entertained through most of it. Between trying to listen and drawing some snowmen for her, I'm impressed how parents do it with multiple kids.

That's basically the week in a summary. Keep up the good work and I'll see you next week. Probably.

Elder BW

Train games thanks to Momma Wilson