Monday, August 1, 2016

Katrina 2.0 - Week 60

Good morning!

This week basically starts on Wednesday when we were out contacting for a while. We walked up this not too popular street that was mostly just a short cut to go and visit some old investigators and stuff but we ended up stopping this guy named "L". He's from Senegal and has been studying in France for over 10 years. He owns his own business that makes Senegalese food and offers other Senegalese traditions for parties. But we basically started talking about eternal families with him and he told us he was feeling something on his skin a few times. There's something about when someone who is not a member starts to really feel the spirit and actually acknowledges it. We ended talking to him just on the street for a while. He has a stand at the weekly market and so we went and visited him again for a bit and he let us try some of the Senegalese food he made. Pretty good stuff.

Earlier in the day, we went and played our weekly soccer game with the usual guys. I'm pretty sure we know all the young guys in the entire city who play soccer. When we are walking around all the time, we always see some that we know and stop and talk for a bit.

Being in the middle of the southern Swiss Alps makes you feel decently isolated sometimes because the nearest missionaries are 2 hours away on train. But luckily we went out to their area this week and helped them out for the day. We ended up just doing some contacting with them and going to play this French game called Werewolf for a little while with a bunch of less actives. But there in Manosque, they have these boxes that the library sets up that anybody can put books in and take them anytime they want. We ended up walking around for a bit and putting Books of Mormon in all of them that we could find. That'd be one cool conversion story if something ever happens with them.

We slept the night there in Manosque and got transfer calls in the morning. I'll be staying around Gap with my same companion, Elder Aitchison, for another 6 weeks. With all this time spent with a British kid, I'll probably start singing "God Save the Queen" every now and again instead of just "My Country 'tis of Thee."

Saturday we had some extra time and decided to go and visit some less actives who weren't usually home but we decided to go and try anyway. Well actually a few weeks ago, we were walking down the street and one of these less actives we've been trying to get ahold of, drives up next to us and started talking to us for a bit and told us to come by sometime. We gave him a call Saturday and he was free and so we went and talked for a little while. He must have liked us because he wants us to come back and to "bring some of those American cookies we make."

That night, a member had invited us over because she wanted to have us to be there with one of her friends to try and introduce us to him. Well turns out he couldn't come so it was just us and her and her son all night eating together. Every time I eat with a French family, I swear they always eat way more food than any American usually eats. I guess it helps when you eat for 2 hours unlike in America. But luckily they said they'll try and get him to come again next week. More free food? Count me in.

After church yesterday, we went back home to eat lunch and to change into some other clothes for the day. Well we were going to go back to the church to do some things and right when we left our apartment, Hurricane Katrina 2.0 decided to come down on us. Like we had our umbrellas but Aitchison's broke from the wind and we were thoroughly soaked through in the 10-minute walk. We had little puddles of water under our seats at the church. At least it was a nice break from all the heat we've had here.

That's about the week. Here's to another 6 weeks in Gap. Love you all. Take care.

Elder Wilson