Monday, August 29, 2016

Capture the Title of Liberty - Week 64

Today's email is brought to you by the number 9. Which happens to be a little less than the amount of months I have left until I go home. It also happens to be a couple more days then the amount of days until College football kicks off. #BeatArizona

But it was another solid week up here in Gap. We got a call from the Walkers, the senior couple who used to serve here but were in Lyon to help out in the mission office and it turns out they were coming back 
on Monday and just wanted us to help them unload some stuff from their car. Luckily I had a little experience doing that stuff so on Monday we went and helped them out and they even took us to eat at McDonald's. What nice people. The only problem though is we had already eaten there for lunch but when they asked if they could take us to McDonald's for dinner, we couldn't pass up a free dinner.

For the past few weeks we've been going to play soccer with some guys that we have met here in Gap. We've been talking to this one kid a bunch and this week he said he is interested as to why there was an American and a British kid in Gap. It had come up a little before when we talked to other people but this is the first time he really wondered. Basically we got talking and we taught him the first lesson and he started telling us about his past and how he was adopted and all this stuff. One of his friends who was playing with him didn't even know he was adopted. It's just cool to see what can happen when you start actually talking about gospel things.

Later that same night we had a few hours on our hands so we decided to take one of the bus lines to the end of the line to basically the top of one of the hills in Gap to check on a couple people and to finish off porting (tracting) a neighborhood that we had started before. Well we were pretty successful with that stuff and then we realized that there weren't any more buses that could take us back home. So we just started walking back home before it really got dark. Turns out we saw a couple people that we hadn't seen in a while and so it all worked out in our favor. Except that we had to walk the 3 miles back home. At least it was downhill and not up.

The next day we went out with the Walkers to our branch president's house. The thing is he lives out in the mountains. Like I'm talking we had to drive on winding roads for an hour to get up there. We basically went up there to help him do some service in his yard because his wife is expecting their 5 child and he's been a little occupied with his other kids. But at least I got better at cutting up wood and learned how to mix cement. Those are life skills right there.

Last that night we took a bus down to Aix to go to Zone Conference the next day. I still don't think I'll ever get used to these 4-hour bus rides. But while I was sitting there eating some pizza that we had bought in the downtown area, I came to the realization that I was sitting in the middle of Provence of southern France eating some pizza on a summer's night. It's a pretty cool place where I serve.

We got up the next morning and made our way to the chapel which happened to be across the street from the Elders’ apartment and we had our Zone Conference. It was a pretty normal conference but you know whenever Sister Brown gets up to talk, she always has something interesting up her sleeve. Well the theme of the conference was about the whole Title of Liberty in the Book of Mormon so for her game this time, she thought it would be fun to play capture the flag complete with Nerf guns and everything. I would imagine it was pretty funny watching twenty people in shirts and ties running around shooting each other with Nerf guns in the middle of the day outside of a church. But hey, at least my team won.

That basically wraps up the excitement for the week. I hope everyone is getting all settled in starting school again. Make sure to look your best of course on the first day because it's probably the only day your mom will take your picture before school and when your mom brings out the kid pictures for your future spouse, you need to look good.

Also welcome to the most wonderful time of the year. College football kickoff week. Enjoy some football for me.