Monday, August 15, 2016

2 Weeks in 1 - Weeks 61 and 62

Hey. Well looks like it’s been more than a week since the last weekly email. Whoops. Just go drink a large Dr. Pepper in my name and we'll call it even. But there's at least a few noteworthy things that happened from two weeks ago.

Last Thursday, Elder Aitchison and I were on our way to go to the church to drop off some things from later in the week. Well right next to the church there is a Bank of France building and they happened to be unloading some cash into some trucks to ship them out somewhere. Well we ended up being there at the right time right when they were pulling out. They had three huge armored trucks and probably at least a dozen police cars and motorcycles around protecting them. They blocked off all the roads around so nobody could get around anywhere. Good thinking by the French to put the money in three trucks so nobody knows where the money really is. I sure hope they didn't get picked up by the helicopter later down the road. 

We've been working with a member here in Gap to try and get her to invite some of her friends over when we are at her house so we can maybe get them interested to listen to our message. Well we were over at her house early last week and she invited us to come back and eat at her house on Saturday night with one of her friends. The first time we went over, that friend didn't end up coming so she invited us to come over again the next time. This time she ended up inviting four people and they all ended up coming and we got a free meal. Members are dope. We even have an appointment with one of her friends for this week too.

We were walking through the park here in Gap the other day, yeah the park because there is only one, and we got stopped by these two guys playing Pétanque, a.k.a. the national sport of France. Normally we're pretty happy to stop and just talk with people especially when they start to ask us what we do and what we believe and all that stuff. Well turns out they are both evangelical preachers by trade and so when we said one thing that they didn't believe was true, they basically just tried to prove us wrong. Glad we're out here trying to help others out and not trying and make them feel bad. Anyways, it was just an interesting experience seeing that side of a preacher.

We were just walking down the street this week on our way to go visit a member when all of a sudden we hear "Oh MISSIONARIES!" coming from a car driving down the road. They pulled off to the side of the street right where we were and it turned out it’s a Mormon family from Canada who happened to be driving through Gap right when we were on the street. We ended up just talking for a bit and speaking good ol’ English with them. Man I love Mormon families from North America.

We went back down to Aix again this week for another meeting with our district. That usually means 3 hours on a train down there and a 3-hour bus ride back up. Looks like I'll be pretty used to road trips when I get home. Anybody down for a trip?

I've learned that throughout my mission, as a missionary, you will just meet some interesting people. For this week, we went over to a less active’s house to visit him. Well when we walked in, he was doing a puzzle and after kind of having small talk for a little bit, I realized he wasn't going to give us his attention until he was done with the puzzle. Well I can now say someone has been too busy doing a puzzle to talk to me.

That's about all the exciting things this week. I hope you're all having a great end of summer. If anyone sees my sister this week tell her happy birthday since she turns 16. 

Have a great week!


Fish and chips for the Brit!

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