Monday, July 11, 2016

We Should Just Buy a Bus - Week 57

The last time I talked about my life was when I was on my way down to Aix to spend America's birthday with some other Americans. We ended up just going bowling and did some contacting all together that night. There's something cool about having a bunch of missionaries doing work together in a city. We spent the night down in Aix and headed up to Gap the next morning on a bus.

I might have mentioned this before, but on Tuesdays at the church we teach an English class for anyone who wants to come. Sometimes to get people interested in coming, you just tell them that you can come and
speak to two Americans and they get excited about it. Every French person has the dream to go and visit New York City sometime. As part of English class, I decided it would be fitting to have everyone sing the National Anthem. It turned into more of them just reading it but it was still entertaining. There's nothing quite like having French people with their accents read the American National Anthem. I should bring them the Declaration of Independence next time.

The next day we went back down to Aix to get down there in time for district meeting the next day. But that night I had to get one of the guys in Aix to go to the Tabasco store to buy some federal stamps so I can pay for my visa for my second year of legality here in France. You have to pay for your card with stamps so that the government buildings don't deal with money. But the problem was, we had to go to four different stores just to find enough stamps. But we ended up finding enough at least.

After having district meeting and making some American burgers since we didn't have any for 4th of July, we headed back up to Gap for the week. Now if you've been counting at all, that makes almost 12 hours worth of bus rides this week and it was only Thursday. They should probably just buy us a bus to sleep in. That's has basically been my life lately. After finally getting home it was basically time for bed. So after making dinner, we listened to all the horns and yelling that went on after France won their soccer match. At least there's only one game left.

Friday morning I had to go pick up my "titre de sejour" or my legality card for all of those non French speakers out there. Basically it's just this card that says I'm legal to be in France for the next year until I go home. It's a little tradition in the mission that once you get that card, you're considered old in the mission. It kind of hits you a little bit that you're actually getting closer to going home and you're not actually going to stay in France forever. Plus, that card is a pretty cool souvenir for later in life.

Sunday at church, the American family in the ward brought some of their extended family with them who were visiting from America. It's always nice to have some extra Americans around especially when they come from Utah. One of them actually served here when it was the Marseille ward and we found out some info about some people she taught back in the day. I thought it was pretty cool to actually find out about people years down the line.

We spent a good 7 hours at church between meetings and doing genealogy since our Mission President wants all the missionaries to do it every Sunday. After, we finally went home and ate.

But that about wraps it up this week. Take care everyone.

Elder Wilson