Monday, July 18, 2016

Terrorist Attack in Nice - Week 58

I never know how to really start emails every week. I guess just throw down an ice breaker and that’s all you need. 

This week was actually pretty solid. It was the first time in a few weeks that we stuck around in Gap all week long and got some really good work done. Just being a missionary and being a missionary in France and telling people you're American gets some French people to tell you some funny things. This week included someone telling me that John Wayne and Donald Trump go around and shoot people with their Winchesters all the time because that is the American way to do things. You learn new things all the time I guess. 

In every city where there are missionaries, there is usually a restaurant that you have to go to when you're in that city visiting. We hadn't really found that place yet here in Gap but a couple weeks ago this fried chicken place opened up in the middle of the city and when the Manosque guys came up to do 2nd year legality, we decided to try it out with them. Turns out it’s pretty good but right when we were leaving, the owner of the place stopped us and started talking to us and doing the usual thing when someone sees four young dudes in white shirts and ties with Jesus on their name tags speaking English to each other, he stopped and asked us who we are and all that good stuff. We ended up actually teaching him basically a whole lesson and he told us that he started the first mosque here in Gap. He told us the next time that we come in, he'll give us free chicken. Count me in.

The second half of last week, we had the most perfect weather where it was not too hot and there was a nice breeze coming through. Like for those in Utah, you know that one week between winter and summer and it’s perfect weather? That’s how it was. We took advantage of it and spent a lot of time outside knocking some doors around town.

Thursday was Bastille day which is basically the equivalent of the 4th of July in America. A member family asked us to come and help trim all their bushes in the morning and then we had a BBQ afterwards. One of the sons of the family has a dream to be American and live there. He actually just got back from spending a year there doing an internship and brought back a bunch of American things since he likes them a lot better. I have to say I was pretty happy eating burgers with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce on them. He's also going back in September to marry an American girl so I guess he's just one step closer to reaching that dream of his. 

Later that night, there was a bunch of fireworks that went off across the town from us and our apartment faces the opposite way, so no show for us. At least we saw some fireworks off the windows from across the street. That’s about as good as it got for us. 

I'm sure you all know that that night in Nice they had the attacks right on the beach. The Elders who live in Nice actually live only four blocks away from the spot of the attack and there were members helping out with the fireworks right by where the truck was. Luckily none of them got hurt but it’s been crazy to actually have an attack in my mission boundaries. Though that does make four terrorists attacks so far within the French mission area since I have been out and lots of other French protests, strikes and riots that have affected us. Definitely not something that happens to other missionaries. There will be stories to tell later on. I am extremely grateful for the Lord's protection of his missionaries (as I'm sure my Mom is!)

Besides all of that, it was a pretty normal week of knocking doors and eating French cheeses. Until next time.

Elder BAW

Our version of fireworks thanks to Momma Wilson!