Monday, May 30, 2016

Pig Skins and Lost Buses - Week 51

Hello once again. I hope everyone is going great and are getting their summer tans on. My white shirt tan is coming along nicely. But let's get this week started shall we?

This week starts out last Monday when we actually were down in Aix with the whole zone and we all just spent the day hanging out at the church down there. It's always fun to just chill with other Americans
once in a while since you can't really find that around all the time these days. But we made some hot dogs and threw the old pig skin around. Making the American summer as best we can here. We actually spent the night as a zone contacting around the city and just seeing what we could do all together in a couple of hours. It's pretty cool what work gets done when you're all together somewhere. Then that night we had twelve guys all sleeping in the same apartment which always makes for a fun time.

Aitchison and I have been starting this new thing on Wednesdays where we go and play some soccer, or football for all you Brits out there (@ElderAitchison), with these guys that we contacted on the road a few weeks ago. Well usually how it goes is he is the one who actually plays soccer and gets their respect while I sit on the side and talk to anyone else who is there. It's work out pretty well so far considering we've got some phone numbers and whenever they see us they also ask when we can play with them again. Glad at least one of us can play soccer.

Right now in France there is a pretty big strike going on with a lot of the employees here which has really affected transportation in and out of cities for us missionaries. Well we had a district meeting down in Manosque on Friday but because of all the strikes going on, we actually had to take a bus down on Thursday night to get there. You might be thinking, "Oh that's not bad that you had to take a bus the night before. Anyone could do that." The best part was afterwards. After having the meeting, one of the Elders in Manosque used to work at Pei Wei and made us some really good Chinese food. Then we went back to the train station to try and catch the bus. Well after finding out that one was canceled we tried to run over to the other bus station in town where there was another bus that was supposed to leave. Turns out that one was canceled too, so we waited around for about 3 more hours to catch one that actually came. Oh and I forgot to mention that that was the first hot day of the summer but luckily I had worn short sleeves for once.

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with mission work but part of it is that all the missionaries who have served in a specific city, they write down the contact info of people they meet on the street so hopefully missionaries later can contact them if they aren't able to. Well we were calling some of the people on these lists and sometimes you get some really funny situations come up. One of my personal favorites this last week.

Me - "Hey is this (enter French name here)?"
Him - "Yeah it is but who is this?"
Me - "It's the missionaries. How are you doing?"
Him - "The whole?"
Me - "The Missionaries."
Him - "I don't remember you."
Me - "Ya know the guys in white shirts and ties who talk about Jesus?"
Him - "Oh yeah. You guys were cool. How ya doing?"

Then I proceeded to fix a rendez vous with him for this week. I'm not sure if it was if I mentioned Jesus or that I mentioned I was nicely dressed that he remembered us. We'll just say both.

Besides all that stuff, missionary work is still going on great. Thanks for all the emails and I hope you enjoy some summer sun for me.

Love you,

Elder Wilson

Happy late Mother's Day!