Monday, May 23, 2016

Long Bus Rides and Plenty of Cereal - Week 50

Another week has come and gone. This one should be a pretty short one because not much went on this week but I'll try and squeeze everything I can out of it.

This week started off like most weeks in a small city. Doing all the normal P-day stuff except since this is France, there happened to be some random holiday on Monday so most of the clothing stores were closed. I'll have to hold off on buying some pointy shoes to become like a real French person. But since almost everything was closed, there wasn't anyone around and I guess we didn't get the memo to stay inside all day. That seems to happen when you're a missionary.

The next couples of day we did all the normal missionary stuff. Knock some doors, bother old French people taking a walk down the street that wore berets and make some missionary pasta. Couldn't forget those important details.

Usually on Wednesdays, we go and play soccer with a bunch other people just to try and make friends to see if we could eventually teach them. We were playing for a bit and these two younger kids wanted to play and so of course we took them on our team because if you know me, soccer is the sport I'm least skilled with. It never ceases to amaze me the skill of these little kids and showing me up like it’s nothing. I guess that's what happens when all they do in their free time is play soccer.

A huge part of the French culture is to have strikes for things. Usually it’s for working laws or whatever but they just always have marches going a lot of the time. Well this last week there happened to be a strike on the trains. And just a side note, trains is how the missionaries get everywhere. But we had a zone training down in Aix on Thursday and in order to get there we had to take a couple hour bus ride down to Manosque where we stayed with the Elders there for the night and ate some raclette pizza. If you’ve been to France you'll know what that is but if not, imagine potatoes, cheese and bacon put everywhere on a pizza. Pretty good, eh? But then we just took another bus down in the morning to get to Aix in time for the training.

For lunch we just decided to bring a ton of cereal and milk and eat them. It’s always fun trying to explain the whole cereal and milk concept to French people because that’s still not really a thing here. I guess they just stick with their baguettes and cheese. Then afterwards, we took our 3 hour bus ride back up to Gap. At least there are mountains the whole time with a lot snow on top of them. Makes for some pretty good pictures.

There is a member in the branch here who actually used to be a professional golfer back in his day. Whenever I learn someone really likes a certain sport, I always try and talk with them for a while. But I will always stand by this point: if you can talk about sports at all, you can talk with anyone in the world who also likes sports, and usually for quite some time. It hasn't failed me yet. I got him to help me out with my swing so we'll see what I can pull off when I get back in a year. Jordan Spieth 2.0 anybody?

That about wraps the week up. Take care everyone!