Monday, May 2, 2016

Did Somebody Say Road Trip? - Week 47

Yeah, yeah I know what you're thinking. Does this kid ever go and do the typical missionary work? From everything I've talked about the past 5 weeks, you wouldn't think so but it’s been a pretty good week. Let me explain.

The week started out last Monday like any normal week. But this particular Monday we decided to get the whole Zone together to do some activities for P-day. We all got together at this park and decided to play real American football. Now, you wouldn't think that a bunch of Americans playing football in the middle of the park would be weird. But you forgot that we were in the middle of France with people watching and wondering what the heck we were doing. For some reason, football is just a really foreign concept to French people. They don't understand the whole starting and stopping thing. To make things better, a few of the missionaries' tags kept falling off and so you had like 20 people wandering around looking for stuff in the grass. Now I understand why they all think Americans are so weird. 

Last week at church a member of the ward came up to us and said he had a friend that he had set up a rendez vous with and he wanted us to come and teach with him on Wednesday. So we all showed up to the church and basically just gave him a restoration lesson and all the simple church things. Afterwards, we set up another appointment for the next Monday. Well we showed up to that one this morning and started to teach our new friend more stuff and he was just a super solid guy who seems to just get things which is sometimes a hard thing to come by while teaching in France. He talked about how he wanted to actually get baptized but we still need to teach him first, so if everything goes well in the next couple of weeks, he should be baptized in about a month. Looks like missionary work does get done even when we sit in a car or in the office all day.

We've had this trip planned to go up to Switzerland for a while and fix some stuff, give people more furniture, ya know, the normal stuff we do. But after kind of throwing the word out there, everyone seemed to need something. After figuring things out, we realized there was no way we would be able to fit everything into our single car. Luckily the other office guys happened to be there and after a bit of convincing the senior couples in the office, we got the go to bring them and a second car with us. Road trip anyone? But the only problem was, the Assistants had taken the bigger van that we needed. The van was in Aix so Carlson and I drove down to Aix on Thursday to grab it to take it to Switzerland. We had a nice drive down to Aix and back through the California-esque landscape. Friday morning we loaded up the cars and headed out. 

As part of the trip, we had to deliver these floor mats to basically every apartment that had wood floors. Well turns out most of the apartments do so we had to go and hit almost every city in Switzerland that has missionaries. After going up to Lausanne and to the IKEA there, we brought the guys up there a bunch of stuff for their apartment and then we went to Yverdon, Martigny, Geneva, Annemasse, Saleve, St. Genis, and back to Lausanne again doing random other things. Then finally we got back to Lyon at about midnight on Saturday night and got up for 9 o'clock church like good missionaries. 

That's about it. Transfers happen this next week so we will see how all that goes.

Love you all and have a great week!