Monday, April 25, 2016

Who Let the Homeless Guys in Here to Eat? - Week 46

It feels like it hasn’t been that long since I last did emails. I guess it was only four days ago and when you go on a seven day schedule, it makes a difference. But let’s actually see if I can remember that far back alright? 

Well I think I mentioned that my week had started last Sunday night when we had to head down to Aix for the night to give them their little table to cut their vegetables on. The guys down there are pretty fun and we ended up staying up that night just telling stories. I bet that’s exactly what my Mom wants to hear is that we were driving with even less sleep then normal. But don't worry Mom, nothing bad happened. The only reason we were down there is because we had to be over to Montauban by 2:00 on Monday. Which if you look at that same map that you looked at last week, you realize that Lyon and Montauban aren't too close. You can even throw Aix in there and it still doesn't really help the distance out. 

We were sitting around the apartment in Montauban having a maintenance guy check out the water heater and like a normal French person, he asked us what two Americans were doing in the middle of France. Well conveniently that always brings us to how we are missionaries and then we just bring up the Book of Mormon and teach him a lesson and give him one even though we are halfway across the country from where our actual area is. Gotta get those lessons in when you can. Since we also happened to be in Toulouse around dinner time, we happened to be able to go to this really widely known restaurant there. It’s called L'Entrecote and the thing about it is that it only serves one thing. Luckily that one thing is one of my most favorite things in the world, steak and fries. Well after feeling like a bunch of scrubs because we were dressed in our shorts and sweatshirts at this place, we stuffed ourselves and slept that night in Beziers.

The next day wasn't too exciting. We went to IKEA twice to buy stuff for the missionaries in Montpelier and we fixed some more stuff up. Little bit of a pattern, eh? After getting the stuff done there, we had some extra time and went to this small city right on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea named Sete. Apparently it’s a decently famous place, but if you get the chance, I'd definitely look up some pictures of that place. It’s a rather nice looking place after seeing it firsthand. We spent that next night in Avignon and headed out that next morning to this place that is famous around the missionary world here in Lyon. It’s this Nike store in Valence that sells everything for like 80% off. So of course I had to benefit and I bought a new pair of shoes and a few other things. I'll have to find a way to get myself back there sometime.

The rest of the week was just spent in Lyon doing various things from organizing our storage rooms around town to fixing more stuff in the apartments here. Mostly Sisters' apartments but that's a conversation for later. Luckily though, we got to go to Zone Conference on Friday with the zones here in Lyon and also the zones from Switzerland came down for it. It was pretty cool having over half of the mission together in that one chapel. Somehow I’ve been able to be a part of a fair bit of conferences where most, if not all, of the mission has gotten together. It’s always fun to get together with people that I know. We also were given the task to purchase all the food and snacks for the Zone Conference. Good thing we have a car to haul it all back to the chapel!

I forgot to mention that on Wednesday this last week, we didn't get our P-day until then and neither did either of the other missionary companionships in our district for whatever reason, so we all decided to go and rent some bikes and ride them along the rivers here in Lyon. All I needed was a beret and a baguette under my arm and I could pass as a French man. Oh and take away about a foot of my height. 

We were in the office on Thursday and the other Elders here and the Senior Couples were talking about how they were going to go out to dinner all together on Saturday night later that week. Well since they're all so nice to us, they invited us to come along with them. They were wondering about a certain restaurant and if they should go there or not. Well once they told us that they were planning to go to L'Entrecote here in Lyon, they had the right guys to go with them. So yes, I did eat steak and fries two days this week for dinner. The best part about it all though is that we were looking at the desserts on the menu and then we saw a McDonald's across the street and just decided to go get ice cream there instead. I was even dressed nicely this time. 

That basically sums up my week. One of the senior couples invited us over for dinner last night and we got to sit and talk about mission stories for a while with them and that’s always fun. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring so far and I'll catch you all next week.

Much love!

First time at L'Entrecote


Zone Conference

Food for Zone Conference

P-day fun

Second time at L'Entrecote