Monday, April 11, 2016

Vegetables? Eeh. Where's the Beef? - Week 44

It's already Monday again? I guess all this driving makes it go so fast. Ha get it? Fast and driving? Well at least now the ice is broken so I can actually start talking about my week.

I'm not sure how many of you here have actually been to France and walked around the streets for a while, but you quickly realize all the small cafes that are around. Well I never had actually been to one and felt that I needed that French experience, as real as it can get without smoking, drinking wine and wearing a beret. But you get the gist of it. Well we met up with a bunch of other missionaries for P-day last week and were going to all go and eat together. Thirty minutes later, we were in three different groups going to three different restaurants. Luckily I ended up with some of the guys from Ecully and were eating at a small French cafe. Probably the best decision I made all week.

As part of this whole "moving equipe," that's French for, we drive around France giving people shelves and breaking old bed frames along the way, we don't actually know what we will be doing until we have our weekly meeting at the beginning of the week with the rest of the office staff. Well this week consisted of Marseille, Montauban, Toulouse, Pau and Bordeaux. Now if you were to look at a map, because I know not many of you even know where those places are, you would realize that none of those places are really that close together. Now throw in the fact that we hit all those places in two days, driving for twenty hours and making it back to Lyon in between. That's a lot of driving in case you didn't know. But it was fun to drive around basically the whole mission, talking to a few missionaries I didn't know and just generally seeing what France has to offer. Well, at least from the freeway. Everyone decided that a lot of their stuff was broken all at the same time so we only had to make a big circle around.

Thursday we had a zone training in Lyon where we talked about how to accomplish a new goal that our mission President has set for us for this transfer. That goal is to have 91 baptisms for our mission by the end of the transfer which is in about 4 weeks. Now to put things into perspective for you, the whole mission all of last year had a little under 200 baptisms. So to be able to get those 91 in a month, it'll be a fun goal to try for. More on that to come. But for the rest of the day we basically did little things around Lyon for people.

As part of the office staff, we've basically been trying to find all the summer tires for a lot of the mission cars. So for that we've been going and looking in all the missionary garages for the tires to give to other people with cars. Well one of the ones we went to was the Assistant's garage. Long story short, we found a bunch of tires in there and cleaned the entire thing out that day. Just learning more life skills here or something. But later that night, one of the Senior couples invited us and the other office Elders over for dinner that night. And what do you get when you put a bunch of Americans together? Eating one of the most French things that you can of course. We enjoyed a nice dinner of potatoes and meats covered fancy French cheeses. I always love raclette.

There is this member in one of the wards here in Lyon who wanted to teach us how to eat healthier. Well she just so happens to be a vegan too and so she taught us how to cook an entire meal using fruits and vegetables and nuts. She took us to the street markets around town and told us what is good to get all that stuff. After eating and enjoying the fruit smoothies that she made, we helped clean up and left looking for some real food to eat. I don't think I've had more of a desire to eat fried chicken in my life then after that one. The vegan life isn't for me. Give me more raclette!

Besides that, it's been a fun week and I've just have been around everywhere. Heading back up to Switzerland tomorrow! Thanks for all you do and eat some extra American food for me this week alright?


Mmmm, raclette!

Mmmm, KFC!

Hmmm, tires?