Monday, April 4, 2016

Missionaries or Tourists? - Week 43

Man what a week it's been. Normally when you think of missionary work you think of talking to people about Jesus Christ on the street all day right? Well, take that and think the opposite of it. That's basically what I've been doing this week. After getting to my new area of Lyon on Monday and getting everything together, Carlson, my new comp, whose nickname is still pending, and I threw all my stuff into our apartment and headed over to the other office Elder's apartment. They needed our help in the morning taking some of the missionaries who were going home, to the train station so they could take a train to the airport. Did I mention that we left at 2:30 in the morning? Yeah, not much sleeping went on there. Especially since we were talking all night with the guys who were going home. Anyways, later we picked up the Sisters across town, dropped them off where they needed to go and took a nap before heading up to Yverdon in Switzerland to take the Sisters up there some new stuff for their apartment.

After getting all that squared away, we went down to stay in Geneva that night with the guys there. Luckily we even had a few hours to check out Geneva before the guys got home to let us into their apartment. Consequently, Lake Geneva was just a 10 minute drive from where we were. After walking around for a bit, feeling completely under dressed because of how expensive that place is and taking a few pictures, we decided to head back to the Geneva apartment to sleep. Well on the way back, we took a wrong turn and ended up right in front of the UN building. Pretty sweet place if you have the chance to visit it. Also side note, apparently there is a super famous fountain thing, more like a giant jet of water in Lake Geneva, that I got some pictures of. I'm sure more cultured people would appreciate it more than I did.

We got up Wednesday morning and headed back down to Lyon to teach some lessons for the day. Who knew we would get real missionary work in? Anyways, we got this referral from the Zone Leaders that we went and visited. Well it turns out, after talking with him for a few minutes, he told us how he got baptized. And how he was already a member in the Zone Leader’s ward. Whoops. We still talked with him for a while and he turned out being super cool.

We got a call on Wednesday saying that up at that Yverdon apartment, they had a storage unit full of old stuff from an old apartment in Switzerland. We had nothing else to do so we headed back up there Thursday morning to clear that out. After driving up through Annecy and dropping some stuff to the Sisters there and seeing that place for a sec, which is also another really cool place to visit if you enjoy mountains next to lakes, we made it up to Yverdon. After clearing out the storage and miraculously fitting everything into our car, literally completely full and a little bit of a miracle, we learned the Geneva guys wouldn't be home until later that night so we had a few hours to look at some castles, go to Lake Geneva again in Lausanne, which honestly is probably one of the coolest places I've been to and if you've got a little bit of extra time when you happen to be around Switzerland, I'd give that place a look. Pretty cool city that's on the side of a hill. We just skipped some rocks and took some more pictures of course, and then stayed down in Geneva again.

The Chinese Elders needed some help with some rendez vous that night and luckily we were free and could help them out. Nothing like having everyone speaking Chinese around you and then they turn to you and say something in English for a sec and then just keep going on. Can't say my knowledge of like half a dozen Chinese words really helped me out there.

Besides that, we just watched General Conference with twenty other missionaries and President and Sister Brown all day Saturday and Sunday. Not sure what my week has in store, but check back next week and maybe I'll have some new places for you to visit. Maybe not. Guess you'll have to find out next week.

Love you all!


The Snows in Chalon. They are the best!

Last night in Chalon



Lake Geneva