Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Golfing, Geneva, and Good Food - Week 45

On a scale of 1 to 10, how good was your week? If it's under a 7, that either means you just went through finals week or you're not eating enough fried chicken. Which, coincidentally, is what my week consisted of. But let me explain more important matters first.

And yes, today is Wednesday not Monday like P-days normally are but when you leave Lyon on Sunday night and go on a 4 day road trip around the mission fixing things, this is what happens. But let's look back
at what happened about a week and half ago on Monday.

I'm not sure how many of you have thought about missionary work really in depth. No, not the part where you talk about the restored gospel to everyone, but more the behind the scenes type of stuff. I mean where everyone lives and the money side of things. And if you're familiar with missions, the number of missionaries in a given mission changes every 6 weeks which means you might not need some apartments or you would need more apartments  depending on the transfer. Well in our mission, all the furniture gets stored in Lyon from the old apartments and this last week we ran out of space so we went to go rent more storage space. Well after walking into the storage company at 10:00 am, we finally walked out at 2:00 pm with some keys in our hands. Now that would have probably been the worst P-day ever but luckily things were looking up for the rest of the day. We had received a call from some of the other missionaries in Lyon wondering if we wanted to go golfing with them for a bit. Knowing we really couldn't play a full 9 holes, we just went and hit some golf balls for an hour. Gotta say, that's a nice way to get some stress off ya. Hitting little balls as hard as you possibly can. Also the day before, the Stake President's wife, who happens to be in my ward, asked all the missionaries to come over and eat dinner Monday night and have FHE with their family. What missionary would say no to that offer? To make things better, the entire family is American. Almost felt like we were in America except that we were in the middle of the French countryside eating Italian style pizza. It's the thought that counts right?

Most of Tuesday we ran some errands for people in the office and had some meetings to plan out what we were going to do for the week. After getting all that stuff done and loading our car up for our trip back up to Switzerland, we headed to my old stomping grounds in Chalon for a district meeting the next day. Basically for district meeting, we talked a lot about how to try and be successful at getting people to church. That's usually one of the biggest struggles here in France because of the huge area that the branches and wards cover. For example, in Chalon, from where the church is located, you have to travel over an hour and a half to get to the edge of the boundaries on either side. That's sometimes a lot to ask people. It's interesting to look at it from their side sometimes though. But for the rest of the day, we made it up to Lausanne in Switzerland and ate dinner with the guys there and then slept down in Geneva that night. Pretty sure I've spent almost as many nights in Geneva as I have in my own apartment.

That next day basically consisted of us driving in and out of Geneva, both on the French and Swiss sides, with washers and dryers and delivering them to different apartments. We also had to deliver some old phones to a church office so they could be sent to Africa to be used down there. We gave the guys in Annemasse a new washer and then went out to eat with them afterwards. It's a pretty cool perk of this job that I get to go and see and talk to a ton of missionaries and get to know them a little bit. You learn how cool the people are in this mission.

Friday I spent the day in Lyon and helped check off some of the office to do list. That was an all day thing.

Saturday morning we went with the Chinese missionaries
and helped a less active member in our ward move. More good practice right? I think it is funny that French people like to move from small city to small city like a half an hour away from each other. Such is the case here. But as we were leaving, she gave us some money to go and buy some McDonald's. French people just think that Americans live there I swear. But instead of actually going there, we decided to be more creative and go to an even more American place. KFC. After the five of us put down three buckets of chicken, we headed back home to change and then headed to the local institute to do a finding activity with all the missionaries in Lyon. Felt pretty nice to get back into normal missionary work and talk to people out on the street for the day.

Last week at church, a couple of the African members invited us over to eat "real" African food, as they put it, with them and their friends on Sunday. As one of them said, "We’re making you real African food so you can tell your kids in a few years." I enjoyed it all so I'm not complaining. Right afterwards, we had to head out because we spent the night in Aix. And that's about where the week ended. I'll continue everything next week!

Also I forgot to mention that on Tuesday we actually got to teach our one investigator that we have. It was my first time meeting with him but it was pretty good and we're hoping to actually get things going with him.

That about wraps up last week. I hope everyone, especially all the kids going through finals, had a great week.

Love you all!

Elder Wilson

Some golf ...

... some FHE ...

... some Switzerland ...

... some American food ...

... some finding activity ...

 ... and some African food!