Monday, March 14, 2016

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Week 40

(editor's note: I will include a few explanations as Blake has thrown in a few Frenchie words and descriptions. He is thinking and speaking in French, y'all!)

This week made me think that I'm actually serving in Lyon. Now let me explain a little bit. 

This week started out like any normal week. Us waking up in our apartment in Chalon, eating some nice French cereal in the morning, aka some regular cereal but with a bunch of nice European chocolate in it, and we headed out to catch our train to go to Lyon for the day. What we had planned with the rest of the Zone was going to explore this one really old part of Lyon called Vieux Lyon which apparently has a bunch of caves and tunnels underneath that part of the city. Well we did at least go out and explore them for a while and really only found a couple. One in particular that went down under the street into this old abandoned storage room that hadn't been touched in years. Plus the lights didn't work so that just added to the experience with all the cobwebs and all that good stuff around. And it wouldn't be complete without empty bottles of wine sitting around. Then you know you're in France. 

Normally in missions, the Mission President does interviews with all missionaries every other transfer and generally in person. But with President Brown, we've been doing Skype interviews. I feel bad for him because since he has almost 200 people to Skype and he does them for like 10 minutes each. If you do the math ... a long time. He takes likes 3 weeks to do them all. Anyway, mine happened this week and I'm always surprised at how inspired Mission Presidents are with just things they say and things they ask.

Now Wednesday came rolling around and we had planned on helping the moving equipe (companionship), the guys who drive around the mission fixing apartments and never have time to do real missionary work, work in their sector (area) for a few days. So they came to Chalon Wednesday night and then we drove down to Lyon the next morning. Basically all day Thursday and Friday we tried to pass (contact) old investigators to see if we could give any of them baptismal dates to try and reach the mission goal for the  (Elder) Christofferson conference tomorrow. It's always fun to spend some days in Lyon. We also drove by the ghetto in Lyon because we were nearby. Pretty sure we were the only white guys around. 

So now that means that we basically had a 4 day long sleepover with the moving equipe who happen to have two of my good friends in it, Elder Keller (childhood bud) and Elder Carlson (MTC bud). But within the last 7 days, I've been in Lyon 5 times including right now. Fancy that. 

Now can we just stop for a second and talk about how wonderful March Madness is? Just the first weekend, you get to watch basketball literally all day long because there are 50 games on. Waiting from Selection Sunday for the games to start for me is like a little kid the night before Christmas. Yes, it's that good. Anyways, I hope lucky punks enjoy it enough for me this year.

Well that about wraps up the week. We're having a bunch of guys over tonight so we can all go back down to Lyon for the conference tomorrow morning. Besides that, things are going good, France is still together and I'm taking Michigan State in the Tournament. Here's to being 20! (Blake's birthday is Saturday!

Love you all!

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