Monday, March 7, 2016

Plig Rigs and Rugby Players - Week 39

I'm not sure how much you guys are familiar with missions, but every 6 weeks new missionaries come in and old ones leave. I've realized a lot recently how young all these young bucks are coming in to the mission and how old it makes me look. I mean they are just fresh out of high school and I've got a year of college and almost a year of a mission under my belt but still, I hope I didn't look that young when I came in. Now on to the real stuff this week.

We've finally been seeing things come around with all the work that we have done so far here. Had at least 2 rendez vous every day and finally getting some people progressing. Finally. But early on this week, we did an exchange with some of the guys down in Lyon. They came up on Tuesday around noon and none of us had eaten lunch yet and so decided to go try this place that sold these things called bazookas. Now you're thinking to yourself, what the heck is that? Well let me explain. So here in Europe there are these things called kebabs. Imagine a baguette stuffed with meat, French fries, various vegetables and all smothered in sauce. Well a normal one is probably 6ish inches or so to eat. Now these bazookas were actually three tortillas put next to each other with all that good stuff inside it. Basically the size of your elbow to your fingertips. Happy to say I put that thing down pretty easily. Not sure if it was the best decisions afterwards, but at the time it seemed smart. After the four of us had pounded down those behemoths, Lindsey headed down to Lyon and I stayed around with Burton for the day.

As we were walking around talking to some people, I got this call from a less active I hadn't met who lives in a small town about an hour away. He said he was in town and was wondering if we had a bible we could give him. So luckily we happened to be right next to the church and met up with him. Well he kind of explained himself a little bit and turns out his whole life is kind of a miracle. His mom lives in Africa and apparently the town he is from still does human sacrifices and somehow he made it out alive and now lives in France. The rest of his life story was pretty crazy. Somehow he ended up burning his last bible for a reason unknown to us and needed a new one so he could get married. Don't know all the details on that one but we're meeting with him this week. More to follow.

Here in Chalon, there usually is a rugby team that one of the less actives plays on and coaches. But this season the team went bankrupt because the president of the team left because the coach signed a lifetime contract and apparently he wasn't very good and nobody liked him so the only way to get him out was to give him money to leave. Well now all these rugby players are without jobs and so the less active asked if he could do a lunch at the church and invited all his rugby friends and then asked us to come and talk with everyone. Now I don't know if you've ever seen a rugby player in real life but these dudes were massive. Like they made me feel insignificant with how big they are. Guess I just have to get more yoked. But we ended up just doing a little meeting with them and a couple of the guys said they wanted to come to church so hopefully things pan out. Also basically none of the guys on the team are French so I ended up talking to a few guys from South Africa, Ireland, England, Australia, Tonga and New Zealand. Typical rugby places I know.

Saturday rolled around and we helped this member out with moving into his new house. It consisted of us moving some couches and some washing machines through some windows and out of some old houses in the French countryside. That's always fun to just drive around the countryside in a Mormon plig rig but French edition. Basically it was the biggest van I've seen in France so far. Not too bad.

Besides that, not too much has happened. I got my churro from last week and carnival is still in full swing until the end of the week. 

Love you all and see you next week!


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