Monday, March 21, 2016

Miss France 2016 - Week 41

Glad to see we all made it through the first week of March Madness alive. It's the best week in sports but at times it's the most frustrating because of how messed up your brackets get because of upsets. Middle Tennessee State got me in this year. Better luck next year I guess. But now to the week!

Monday came rolling around and we had to take yet another trip down to Lyon to do a baptismal interview for one of the companionships in our district who had a baptism this last week. Then we ended up
getting some more BK with the moving guys and we headed back home on a train to meet up with a few other guys who were staying at our apartment because of the mission conference the next morning. The Snows invited us all over to eat at their house that night. Nothing like 8 American missionaries eating hamburgers the American way in the middle of France. Since we had to try and fit 6 guys into our apartment to sleep that night, we basically threw all of our mattresses on the ground and made a massive floor bed. Remember that dream that we all had as a kid to have our floors made of mattresses and be able to jump around everywhere? Dream fulfilled.

We woke up early on Tuesday to take a train down to our mission conference in Lyon with Elder Christofferson. We all were able to shake his hand and then both President Brown and his wife gave a talk and then Elder and Sister Dyches from the Seventy talked and then Sister Christofferson spoke and then Elder Christofferson. But I think the thing that I was most impressed with was that we did a Q and A type of thing with Elder Christofferson and every single answer each gave to each question asked he pulled straight out of the Book of Mormon. Like every answer. And the fact is that he knew exactly where all of those answers were was pretty cool. I mean it helps that you're an apostle and all but still. Maybe one day I'll be up to his level. Probably not but I can try. After that, all the missionaries just stayed at the chapel for a few hours talking and catching up with everyone.

A few days later we were just doing some missionary work and one of the members texted us inviting us over to dinner that night with one of our investigators and a less active. Basically whenever we go over to their house, they try and make us American food but with the most French twist they possibly can. But as part of the deal we were supposed to make some American cookies for them. Since neither of us really had a recipe, we just threw a bunch of stuff together and put it into the oven. For some reason they turn out great every time. Well not for American standards but French people love them. That's all that matters right? But I guess cookies just taste better when they're made by Americans.

Saturday rolled around and we had gotten this flyer from a store that said they were having a party of sorts at their store and were having a sale. On the back of it they said that you would have the possibility of taking pictures with the Miss Bourgogne 2015 who would be there some time during the day. Well naturally we knew we had to try and get a picture especially since it was my birthday and all. Well we walked in and asked the management about it and they went and got her for us to take a picture. So yeah. That was a good birthday present. We even talked with her about us being missionaries. Justifiable right? Anyways, basically she is like the equivalent of a Miss Utah in France. I'm rooting for her for Miss France 2016.

That about wraps it up for the week. Hope you had a great week and I'll see you guys next week!


The rugby guys from the previous blog post. I don't look that tall with these guys!

Burger King!

The mission at the Christofferson Conference

The MTC group back together again

The City of Chalon, no filter

Miss France 2016 (maybe?)