Monday, March 28, 2016

Mission Concierge - Week 42

Now I know you're probably scratching your head at what you just read for the title of this email. Let me explain the rest of the week before I get to that. It's going to be a shorter one this week because I've got some stuff to do here in a sec but we'll see what I can say.

This last Monday, all the missionaries around Lyon went to President's house and spent our P-day there. President and Sister Brown did a BBQ for us and we basically just hung out for the day. You can never complain about that. Every time we go there, Sister Brown tries to make the most American things she can. I'm not complaining. I ended up staying in Lyon that night because I was going on an exchange with one of the Mandarin speaking Elders Tuesday.

It's always really interesting doing Chinese missionary work since they don't really have a base of God or Jesus in their lives because apparently they just learn basics about a bunch of different religions in school. So in order to teach them the missionary lessons, we basically just have to tell a big long story to them.  Apparently it works out pretty well though. Also with Chinese missionary work, to do contacting, we just seek out all the Chinese people we can find on the metro. We ride back and forth for a while until we see a Chinese person and pretend we aren't racial profiling them. But we all know the truth.

Thursday was district meeting in Lyon and the Zone Leaders came back with us to Chalon that night so we could get transfer calls together in the morning. After visiting some members that night, we got back to the apartment and made a huge bed on the floor. So normally for transfer calls, President Brown starts on the west side and sweeps east and just calls people across the mission and is normally done by around 9:15 am. Well apparently he decided to make a change and start with the Switzerland people and then go back to Bordeaux. So guess which zone got their calls last? Yup, us. 10:00 am rolls around and we still hadn't heard anything. The ZL's had to go catch their train back to Lyon and we had to head off to a rendez vous about an hour away with an investigator and the Snows. We finally got there and started talking for a while and then our investigator conveniently got a knock on the door that she answered and at the same moment, we got a call from President Brown. Not bad timing.

But it turns out I'm being transferred down to Lyon to the moving companionship, or what is being coined as the Mission Concierge. Basically we drive around the mission and fix things in apartments that get broken, deliver any needed items and help do some moving. The best part about it is I'm with one of my good friends Elder Carlson who was in the MTC with me. I will also be helping in the mission office doing whatever things they need us to do. I'm heading up to Switzerland in the morning to deliver a dryer and refrigerator. Chocolate anyone?

But that about wraps it up for the week. This new transfer should make for some fun stories so stay tuned. 

Take care everyone!

Elder Wilson

In honor of my 20th birthday last week on March 19th.