Monday, February 29, 2016

Churros for Everyone - Week 38

I'm glad to see all your smiling faces once again. That's always a nice sight to see. This was a more exciting week since we actually got into the swing of things and got some work done so why not get started?

Monday we had a planned a bowling activity to get some of the young adult less actives to come and actually realize that we, the missionaries, aren't really that weird. Well maybe a little bit, but we are kinda normal. We met up with all of them and ate at McDonald's just to make it more American and then headed over to the bowling alley. After a few racks, I wasn't looking too hot but much like BYU football these days, I came out strong in the second half and ended up beating everyone. All I got was like 5 seconds of glory but that was more than anyone else around. I'll take it.

The next day we had quite a few appointments because of people we had contacted so that's always nice to see your hard work pay off. We went to this one guy’s house and it turned out that it was a family and by the end of the first lesson, they had a baptismal date and we have a return appointment. When we went back a few days later, we had found a Book of Mormon in their native language of Urdu so that was pretty sweet. For those wondering, that's from Pakistan. But they're a Christian family who lived in Pakistan and had to basically leave because of religious intolerance and they landed here. I mean if they're here, why not baptize them, right? The dad is a cook for his job and made us some soup and it was incredible. If you have the chance to eat some Pakistani food, I'd recommend it.

We visited some other people for the rest of the week and on Thursday we found ourselves with an appointment with this guy from Sudan who we had contacted in Chalon who actually lived in this smaller town a fair bit away. So luckily we were already out with the Snows visiting someone and they dropped us off. Well we got talking with this guy and he is Muslim and as he explained it to us, religions are like cars, the newer ones are better. So for all those wondering I'll now be starting a new religion and everybody needs to join it since it’s the best one. Just like the newest cars these days, it'll have the best features. I'll include churros at every meeting too.

Now you ask yourself, why did he just mention churros? Well apparently it's a big thing here in France when Carnival comes around town. Literally the entire town gets taken over and there are carnival-esque things everywhere. From rides being set up and bumper cars and carnival games, to the smell of churros everywhere. We have yet to find the best churro around but I'll let you know once we do find it. There are also parades that seem to happen every night and they spray confetti everywhere. Pretty fun sight to see and I've only had confetti thrown in my face once so far. Hoping to have it thrown at least a couple more times just because.

Besides those few highlights, we spent the day in Lyon on Friday doing stuff with the Zone and then we had some other rendez vous throughout the week. Ended up being pretty successful and here's to another one just like it. 

Love you all!

Elder Wilson

Bowling Par-tay!