Monday, February 8, 2016

Ferris Wheels and Golden Heads - Week 35

Hello once again! Weeks just keep going by fast here. It's pretty crazy how short they feel sometimes. But anyways, you don't actually care about that so I'll actually just talk about some of the fun stuff we did this week!

I'm pretty sure I explained last week how last Monday we were heading to Lyon to spend the day with a bunch of other missionaries. After finally getting there after our train ride, we all met at this park in downtown Lyon called Parc de la TĂȘte d'Or. Or in English, the Park of the Golden Head. Apparently it's some famous park there. I'm not sure. All I know is that the whole park is basically a zoo and they just had lions and some ostriches and other animals there. Pretty cool. We ended up just playing Frisbee for a few hours with everyone there which was pretty fun. After we all had enough, we decided to head over to this place called Place Bellecour where during this time of the year, they set up a Ferris wheel that people can ride. And so naturally upon seeing that, that's exactly what we did. It was set up at the perfect height where you could see over all the buildings in all of Lyon and made for some super cool views. And yes, I did take a selfie at the top like I promised. Afterwards we just went and looked around some shops for a little while and then headed back to the apartment in Lyon to actually go and do real missionary work. Later that night, we started an exchange with the zone leaders and so we were going to stick around Lyon for the next day too. Spending the day in a big city? Count me in.

The next day, I headed out with Elder Walker and we spent the afternoon checking on some less actives and going contacting back at Place Bellecour for a few hours. Nothing too exciting happened but I'll always take a day to walk a little bit around Lyon and for some reason, at least half the people in Lyon speak English. That's always a nice change for me. Guyaux and I later headed back to Chalon where we had a rendezvous set up to eat dinner with a less active family. Cool. So this family we visited are originally from Tonga and they made us a few things from there and I have to say, I'm a fan. They also said we had to come back sometime so they can do a real feast with us and all their cousins. Count me in. But the dad of this family is super cool and is actually a professional rugby player and he told us part of his life story. Basically he went from living in the poor parts of New Zealand when he was young to playing for the best team in the world for a few years. Pretty crazy. I'm just glad he'd be on my side in a fight. You know how those rugby players are.

Wednesday we went out and visited with one of our investigators who had referred herself on, the same one previously mentioned in weeks before, and had an awesome lesson with her. She is one of the few real French people who has completely embraced the gospel. She was telling us that sometimes during the week when times are going rough, she looks at the pictures of the Madrid Temple her friend sent her and she says she just gets these good feelings and wants to go there. Can we get this lady baptized already? But actually, we set up a baptismal date for her in March so hopefully all goes well and we can get her baptized then. Prayers anyone?

Nothing else too exciting happened for the rest of the week. I'm currently back in Lyon right now because we came down for a missionary fireside Sunday night and we stuck around today because all the missionaries in Lyon are actually going to spend the day at President Brown's house tomorrow. Should make for a fun time. Love you all. 

And see you soon!


Ferris wheel at Place Bellecour

Weird Panoramic Selfie

View from the top of the Ferris wheel