Monday, January 18, 2016

We'll Take Four Hot Chocolates, Please - Week 32

This week's edition of "What did Wilson do in the seven days since I last heard from him" includes a trip to a bar, sightseeing more of the countryside and a trip to Lyon. I know you're just dying to find out so I'll get right to it!

Well the week starts off normally on Mondays but since literally nothing happened on Monday, we'll start this week on Tuesday and pretend like that's completely normal alright? First off, let me tell you, having a senior missionary couple in the same city as you is awesome! You get to go and visit some less actives and some members that normally would be impossible because of not having a car. Well on Tuesday we went with the senior couple, Elder and Sister Snow, to go and visit some less actives in this city called Beaune (pronounced like bone). Our first stop along the voyage was to this nice lady who loves the church. Well nothing seemed weird about that whole situation until I walked into her apartment and counted the six cats that she had. That's right six. Also, I could mention the three dogs too but I'll just leave it like that. It's okay, it's not like I'm allergic to cats. Luckily I made it out of there with no reactions. But she was nice and told us a little bit of her life story. What I've learned is that everyone that you meet always has a cool life story.

Then, we had an appointment with another person but we were a little early so we decided to stop by this other ladies' house who apparently is really hard to get ahold of and never answers the door. I should first mention that here in France, everyone has gates and fences around their homes and you have to ring their doorbell and then talk to them through the speaker or just yell back and forth for a while. Well this time the wall was pretty tall but I was just tall enough to barely see over it. We rang her doorbell and I saw her come to the window and so to show we were friendlies, I took my tag and showed it to her and she saw that and let us right in. Being tall does help sometimes. We ended up just briefly talking with her and then met with our last less active at the train station in the city. She said she didn't have enough room back at her apartment for all of us so we decided to walk into the nearest social place where we could talk. Well since this is France and a lot of people like to drink, the bar right across the street from the station happened to be a lovely place to meet. We started talking for a while and the bar owner came over and asked us what we wanted and we all at the same time asked for hot chocolate. Only Mormons would do something like that. But it actually was pretty good hot chocolate. We ended up just sitting and talking with her for a while and then headed back home after that adventure for the day.

The next day we took another trip with the Snows to a city called Macon. We visited a super cool Tahitian member and then went and taught a lady who had referred herself on That usually doesn't happen. Well we ended up having a nice second lesson with her and at the end she asked if we had any more Books of Mormon (Book of Mormons, Book of Mormon(s) or however you say multiple of Book of Mormon), because she had a friend who asked about it and wanted one too. Investigators already doing missionary work. What a stud. That night we actually ended up teaching an English class at the church. We went over words for what Americans eat for breakfast and it always baffles French people. Like nobody here eats cereal and milk and they couldn't understand why there was no cheese involved. Always funny talking about American things to French people.

What happened the next day? You guessed it. Another car ride out to the countryside with the Snows. We went and visited this super sweet old lady who didn't get visitors a lot and so she was really happy to see us. We just talked for a while and like every French person, she asked me how tall I was and they are always surprised when I say I'm 2 meters tall. That's about 6 foot 6 for you Americans (although I'm really 6'7"). At least it's a good conversation starter. But after that visit, we were driving back and the senior couple said they wanted to take a different, more scenic route home. I'm never going to argue with a drive through the country. Well we drove passed a few castles, a handful of chateaus and decided to eat some pizza at this Italian place right across the street from a pretty big chateau. Can't say I've ever done that before. But it was awesome. We got out at one of them and took a couple pictures just for your enjoyment.

Friday came rolling around and we were able to spend most of the day in Lyon for a zone training. We made it pretty easily there and got our way through the metro. As part of the "training," we played this game that was basically Hungry Hungry Hippos but in real life. Just imagine a bunch of missionaries laying down on skateboards and being rolled into a pile of balloons and being yanked back by a rope while still looking good in their missionary attire. That's about what it was like. Proud to say my team won.

On our way to the train station to catch our train back to Chalon, we were a little hurried and we found our train and got on. After sitting there for a little while, this lady came up to me and asked if we had tickets for our seats because she had tickets for the same seats. After being perplexed for a little bit, we figured out that there had been two trains going north that both stopped in the city we were supposed to get off at to catch a connecting train. Now you wouldn't think it was a big deal but the problem was that the two stations happened to be across town from each other. So yes, we were on the wrong train and missed our connecting one. But luckily we just hopped on a bus that took us to the other station, waited around for about an hour and were back on our way to our original destination.

That's the latest and greatest. Now let's see what's happening in your neck of the woods!

Elder Wilson III