Monday, January 25, 2016

Shalom from Chalon - Week 33

Hello once again. Glad to see everyone has stuck around to read another one of my letters but I just have to tell you, this one won't be too exciting. My comp and I were sick for the majority of the week, so we stayed inside to try and get better but I'll recap a few of the things that happened when I was actually outside. Let's get started!

The week honestly starts on Wednesday when we were able to go out to this outer city and teach a lady who referred herself on We learned that one of her friends, who is an investigator in Spain, got her to refer herself and apparently they talk regularly about the gospel to each other. Last week, he even sent her a picture of the temple in Madrid and she said she really wants to visit it one day. Cool. Cool cool cool. Well we had a dope lesson with her and she killed it and was bearing a testimony she already had in our third visit with her. Next on the list is getting her to church. That's always an adventure here in France. She can walk the hour car ride to church right?

Later that night, there was a missionary broadcast for every missionary and all the mission presidents across the world. It was pretty cool thinking that there were like close to 85,000 people across the world watching the same broadcast as me and out there grinding to find people to teach. But yeah, that kind of stuff doesn't happen all the time. And I can't say it was everyone since like 10,000 of them were sleeping, but still. All the important people were watching it live. That's the important part.

Thursday I actually spent the day in Lyon with one of the guys there. After the district meeting where we ate burritos with crepes as tortillas which seems to happen pretty often here in this mission, I headed out with Elder Burton where we had an English day planned. Speaking English all day? Count me in. Anyways, we taught this dude from Africa who, even though he was speaking English, I literally only understood 30% of it. Think of someone speaking English who throws in some French words and some words from his African language and also adds lots of "yeah" and "dude" in there. Maybe I should be learning English and not French.

We had a plan to go and eat at this member's house in Lyon. And apparently they have a reputation for legendary dinners. Normally member families from Africa give us some pretty crazy stuff but I wasn't expecting all that much to happen. Well we went with a couple of other missionaries from Lyon and just sat around talking for a while. The mom brought out this massive quiche and massive bowl of pasta and told us we had to finish it all. And when they say you have to eat it all, they actually mean it. Like they won't let you leave until do. Haha. And ya know we ate that portion fairly easily. Four missionaries can eat a fair bit. Well after we were done, she actually brought out the exact same thing again. Now after struggling though about half of all of that, she brought out about 60 or so apple scones she had made and I somehow ate a dozen of them. My comp and I actually had to leave after that to get to an appointment but I hope the other guys made it out alive.

The last guy for the night ended up canceling on us right when we got there so we just headed back to the metro and actually talked with a bunch of people from different countries in Africa, a dude from Morocco, a girl from Australia, a Canadian and of course a bunch of French people. Not a bad assortment for that one metro ride.

The next morning I just got up and headed back out to Chalon to change companions back with the Zone Leaders. We had a full day ahead of us too. We took a bus out to this city call La Creausot to the west of Chalon and met with a couple of members and visited some less actives. We took a bus back to Chalon were we met up with the Senior Couple here and they took us to go and visit a family who lived right next to the border of Switzerland. I almost made it stepping foot in Switzerland but that goal will have to be accomplished another day. This family was actually super cool and it was pretty cool to be speaking English, Spanish, French and German between everyone there. Have to say I got my cultural experience in for the day. Oh, and we had some Swiss chocolate and some Chilean pizza. Enough countries for the day I'd say.

We had this new American couple move into the branch a few weeks back. Well they actually didn't speak a ton of French so I sat there translating for them for a good part of church. But the husband actually graduated from BYU and it's always fun talking with someone who is easy to relate to like that. His wife is training in a French restaurant right now and since he doesn't have much going on, he said he'd be down to work with us. Those Americans going in a clutch. But it should be pretty fun to see what other French things we can make fun of in the next little bit. Only Americans who have lived in France will understand.

That basically ends the week. I hope everyone had a great week and shout out to Trace and Ben for having their birth week last week.

Love you all,

Elder Wilson