Monday, December 7, 2015

Bucket Showers and American Music - Week 26

So one day, there were two strapping young lads happily walking around the countryside of the great country of France. One day it started to get late, they headed home and figured out that their water heater was broken. They tried a little while to fix it but no luck. They tried to get help from everyone around and after a few days someone came and looked at the water heater and figured out the problem. He attempted to help out these kids but said he had to go and buy some parts and the parts wouldn't be ready for a week. So here we now have two lads without any heat in their apartment or hot water for at least a week.

That’s basically been my life for the past few days. Our heating and hot water is broken so we've been boiling water in the mornings and have basically bucket showers every morning. And since our heat doesn't work, it’s been pretty cold in our apartment. Luckily we've made it through a few days and so a couple more days can't be too hard. Well at least it makes for a good story right?

Besides all those antics, we had a branch talent show this last Saturday. And naturally since we are the missionaries and there were only like 4 other people doing something, we had to come up with something to perform. Well much against my natural being, my comp and I decided to sing a couple songs in English for the branch. We ended up deciding on playing Viva La Vida by Coldplay, going back to those French roots and also playing Hallelujah because apparently every French person knows it and was singing right along with us. In the end, I learned some new Portuguese words and everyone didn’t run off screaming after they heard my screaming. I'll call that a successful night.

Fun story for the week. So my current companion is a convert and is Jewish and used to be practices Judaism. So just for fun this week we decided to make some Jewish food for dinner because well, it is the beginning of Hanukkah and why the heck not? We made some latkes which basically is just a bunch of shredded potatoes which you put this special seasoning on and deep fry them. Definitely going to have to make them when I'm home. Still no candles being lit here though.

Besides that, I hung out and went to a Zone Training in Bordeaux this past week and we had someone who we used to teach yell at us through the door to never come back right when we were going to teach her. Such is the missionary life.

And finally, if anyone has any good pictures that they think would be cool to use as planner covers, please send them to me. I don't have many cool pictures and it’s basically a competition between all the missionaries here to see who has the coolest ones. Have to reign supreme of course.

Random stuff for the week:

  • McDonald’s is a lot better in America. I don’t care what anyone says but you can't beat the Dollar Menu. That’s something I’ve missed here. But in general though, American McDonald’s tastes better and has more stuff on the menu and you can't beat unlimited drinks. That’s something you can’t find in France.
  • Still taking Michigan State to upset and win the College Football Playoff this year.
  • No idea how it all lined up but anytime a BYU/Utah football game happens, it’s amazing. My starting line is going to be at 36 ½ points and I'll take the over. Watch for that the closer we get to the game.

Love to you all!

Elder Wilson