Monday, November 16, 2015

That Small Town Life - Week 23

Well hello everyone! First off, thanks to everyone who sent an email out to me this week asking if everything is alright with me after the Paris attacks. Everything is great down here in little Agen. To be honest, without the updates from my Mission President or my parents, I wouldn’t have known of anything going on because nobody has talked to us or told us about anything with Paris. I guess it is just that small town life.

But just a little recap of the past few days with all of that stuff going down. We got a text from our Mission President at 4:00 am on Saturday telling us that stuff had happened up in Paris and we weren’t to leave our apartments until further notice. So we basically just stayed in our apartment until around noon when he said it was alright for us to leave. Luckily we got go out and teach all of our investigators and keep all three of our rendezvous (appointments). The real miracle though is that all three people were there and available when they said they would be. But besides all that crazy stuff that happened on Saturday morning, everything has been completely normal here.

Now for the rest of the week.

Tuesday I was actually in Bordeaux again for an exchange with the Zone Leaders. Basically all we did all day was wander around trying to find addresses that didn’t actually end up existing. But I got to see around Bordeaux a little bit at least! The next day we stuck around in Bordeaux for a District Meeting. Now nothing really exciting to report on with that expect for the fact that we decided to basically do a district photo shoot just because we could. I'll include some pictures for your enjoyment. And the numbers represent what transfer we are on. And compared to everyone there, I was the youngster by far. But I’m probably going to do that for every transfer from now on just for the heck of it. And because they make good pictures too. Well later that night after finally getting home, we got a call from one of our investigators who said that they wanted to have us over to eat. Now that’s nothing out of the ordinary of course but they then had us at their house to eat 3 out the past 5 days. Can’t complain about free food with our investigators.

Friday came around again and you guessed it, we went out to Mezin just like usual. So a few weeks back, we brought the card game UNO with us to play with them and they were instantly hooked and so now they want to play all the time. Well we brought the cards again and played with them but guess who ended up beating us all? Their 6 year old daughter of course. That’s just how things happen I guess.

But besides that, we had the First Counselor in the Mission Presidency randomly show up at church yesterday to see how things were going with us. And we also finally hit 30 people at church for once. Basically all the news there is for this week. And despite the horrific things that happened in Paris, we had a pretty good week.

Shout out to everyone who sends me emails. I love them all. Take care until next week when I’ll learn my fate about my next 6 weeks of my mission.

Love you all, 

Elder Wilson

What to do while in Bordeaux? Hang out at a vineyard of course!