Monday, November 23, 2015

Still Hangin' in Agen - Week 24

Transfers are today and I am staying in Agen. I get to hang out with Elder Steinbock and have all the major holidays here, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. I also get to eat more of that delicious Algerian food from our friends.

Yesterday was the Primary Children's Program and Elder Steinbock played the piano while I conducted the music ... for all three children. Yep, it's a pretty small branch, the smallest branch in France. And we both sang some songs, taking different parts, like a duet. Now I am not exactly musical and here I am singing and leading music to French children in a language that is not my own, but it all worked out. Primary Programs always seem to work out no matter what. Every other Sunday, I am the one who chooses all the music to sing for church each week and I lead the songs, not just for Primary, while Steinbock is on the piano. He is the only person in the branch that knows how to play.

Crazy story about the mail here. Both Elder Steinbock and I were expecting letters that never came for like 2 months. And then one day we got a letter from Mezin with both of the expected letters in it and a little note with the first receiver's address and saying sorry for opening the letters and whatnot. We knew we would be going out to Mezin again so we made some cookies to say thanks for sending our letters to us, even though we have no idea how they got out there. Well after walking to their house for like 30 minutes, we sat and talked with this old guy and it turned out he actually owns the apartment we live in so it now makes sense why he had them. Two different letters, one from Russia and one from America, from two different people who both put our current address on them and then they were both sent to the owner of our apartment in another town? Weird! Still not sure how he actually ended up with them! 

Gotta go. Sorry for the short post. Too many things to do. Thanks for all the emails and letters. I really appreciate them. Until next week!

Elder Wilson