Monday, November 9, 2015

Shooting Boys with President - Week 22

Hello once again everyone! Let’s just get rolling shall we?

Once every transfer (every 6 weeks) the Mission President goes on what is called a mission tour where he goes and visits all the missionaries at the zone conferences and we get to hear from him and his wife and the Assistants and whoever else the President wants to speak with him that day. This time it ended up being one of his counselors of the mission who lived in Bordeaux.  For this conference, the main theme was basically about "taking the shot." Whether that was with missionary work or just with things that we might be scared to do in general and to just take a chance on things because you don’t really know what good things can happen from it. And so to illustrate his point, President brought his bow with him and shot it outside a few times for us. Now I see a couple things weird about this. First, who would bring a longbow with them on their mission? Well President Brown did. And to be fair, it did make a really good point with things. And second off, whoever was walking down the street when this was taking place probably thought we were some weird people all standing around in suits watching some guy in a suit shoot a bow and arrow at some water bottles. And then with Sister Brown, in Sister Brown fashion, meaning there always has to be a game and candy involved with her lesson, after she talked to us a little bit, we went outside and basically just got to shoot each other with Nerf Guns. Such is the life of a missionary here in the France Lyon Mission. 

We also missed our train that night since the conference went too long so we got to spend that rest of the day in Bordeaux just walking around a little bit. Definitely a really cool place if you’re ever out here in France. 

Going to blast you guys with some spiritual knowledge here real quick. So if you take the word perfection and look at the origins in its Latin roots, it actually doesn’t really mean anything like it does today. Normally we associate perfection as not doing anything bad and basically doing everything as good as you can. Or that's at least how I viewed perfection. But from its ancient meanings, it actually used to mean that when you are perfect, you actually just reach a distant goal. That doesn’t mean everything you do is absolutely perfect. So now if you apply that to scriptural knowledge, when Christ is asking us to be perfected in him, it is more meaning that we should use him to reach that distant goal of living with him again one day. Or reaching that distant end. And now you might be thinking, or might not be, "Man Blake is really smart and figured all this out on his own." Nope. Sorry to tell you, all I did was read President Nelson's talk back in October 1995. But either way, it just made a really good point that you aren’t really being asked to be perfect since that's unreasonable, but more that you are just being expected to reach that distant goal of heaven. Whatever that entails.

Besides that, I’ll be chilling in Bordeaux tomorrow and Wednesday and here is a group selfie we took at Zone Conference.

Well that's really all for this week of adventures. I hope everyone is doing great and thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of "Elder Wilson's adventures on the mission."

Take care!

Elder Wilson

Zone Conference selfie!