Monday, November 30, 2015

Fried Chicken Will Have to Do - Week 25

Bonjour everyone! Yeah, I guess since I'm in France I should throw some French words around to make it look like I actually know French. But that's a story for another day. Let's get started on some highlights for this week.

Let's first of all have a moment of silence for all those brave souls who decided to put their lives in danger and wander to Walmart on Black Friday. I'm a four year survivor, and it definitely wasn’t pretty. But for reals though, it's crazy what some people will do to get a good deal. Advice for next year, get all your shopping done online but go to Walmart just to enjoy the people there. It makes for really fun and free entertainment.

Thanksgiving this year was a little bit different then normal. We thought we would be smart and search out a rotisserie chicken to eat instead of turkey because let's be honest here, chicken is better. Well, after unsuccessfully searching around the city the entire day, we ended up doing what Americans do best, buying a bucket of fried chicken and calling that good for Thanksgiving. Luckily Momma Wilson hooked us up with some actual American Thanksgiving food so it made for a pretty good meal.

So we have this ami (investigator) that whenever we go over to his house, he literally talks about the most random things possible. An example this week of something I learned: the closest city to the South Pole is Ushuaia. For anyone reading this, that is in fact located in South America. Now if your mom asks you what you learned in school today, here's your easy way out.  I'm all game to know random facts of the world but this dude should go and take his fact finding talents and go to school. But that wouldn't be the French way of course.

We had an interesting experience this week of helping another one of our amis with their groceries. So we got a call from her earlier in the week asking if we could come and help her out since normally it was her boyfriend who went shopping for her but since he couldn't that day or something, she wanted us to help her since she also had hurt her toe. Well how she actually hurt it was when she opened her fridge, a piece of frozen chicken fell out. We happened to be around when it did happen and I wasn't sure if I should laugh or feel bad. It ended up being a little of both. But anyways, when we went over to meet her, her boyfriend actually ended up being there so we just went out shopping with him. I should probably mention that they are both very simple people. We went into the store with him and split the shopping list in half to get it all done faster. Well after 15 minutes or so, we had finished our half and he was on item 4. I felt bad that he normally had to do this all by himself every week. Looks like this might be a regular thing with them. Service anyone? Well after making it out with four bags of groceries, and not the small plastic American bags but like big European bags, we headed back to their place. When we got there, the girlfriend had made us dinner and we even got to have a lesson with them. Dope.

Sunday we had stake conference and since France finally figured out how to broadcast things, we stayed around at our church building to help set it up and watch it with the members. Well it was supposed to start at 10:00 but once they hadn't figured it out by 10:30, I decided to just go back to our apartment and grab my speaker so we could just play the sound off the computer with everyone huddled in the bishop's office. And then finally by 11:00 we had it up and running. And yes, the bishop's office here isn't much bigger then at normal churches which about fits our whole branch perfectly.

That's really been it for the week. Glad to see BYU pull off some decent wins this week. College football playoffs start in a few weeks and I'm taking Michigan State as an underdog to take it all. Now that would mean they would have to beat an undefeated Iowa in the Big 10 championship game but since when does anyone from Iowa know how to play football? Michigan State over Oklahoma in the championship. We'll see how good my sports knowledge is from here in France. I'm just hoping for no team named Ohio State or any from the SEC to make it to the 'ship.

Wilson signing off.

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