Monday, October 26, 2015

Riding Trains with Taylor Swift - Week 20

I'm going to start out this week's email with a story for everyone alright?

There we were. Standing on Platform 9, yeah the one next to 9 3/4, well all of a sudden we see a big swarm of people crowd around a train in Bordeaux. Naturally we went to investigate. After making our way through the crowd of people to get a good look of what was happening or who was there, we look and found out that standing right there surrounded by everyone was Taylor Swift. Now as many of you probably know, she is basically my home girl and so acting like little school girls, we tried to get as close as we could without standing out too much. Since two tall Americans wearing white shirts and ties weren't enough. Pushing and smashing our way through the crowds of people, we soon had found out our luck had ran out and she was off on another train to Paris probably. There we stood devastated. Unable to seize, most likely, the only opportunity in our lives that we will have to see her. So we did the only thing we could do. Sat there until our train actually came take us back to our actual city of Agen.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Either it’s, 'How the heck did Blake get so lucky in his life?" Or you’re thinking, "Man, there really must not have been anything exciting that he did this week so he just made this whole story up to hopefully make this letter worthwhile to those who are reading it and you probably wouldn’t believe anything else I send home for the rest of my mission."

Sorry to tell you but none of that stuff actually did happen. What actually did happen with all the trains on Thursday was a lot less exciting. Had to spice things up somehow.

Well this past Thursday we had to take a train to Bordeaux because we had a meeting with some of the other missionaries nearby. We showed up at the train station in Agen at 7:30 a.m. to get on our train. Then we learned that that train had been cancelled and the next one to Bordeaux wasn’t for another two hours. Our meeting started at 10 o'clock and if we could take the 9 o'clock train, we would be a little late but it would have still been worth it to go. Well we finally got on our train and we actually got delayed part way through our trip and so we didn’t even end up getting to Bordeaux until after the meeting was over. At least we made it for lunch. Apparently all the trains had been messed up between Agen and Bordeaux that day because of some accident. And luckily we got to sit on a train for over 3 hours on the way back later that day too. Geez! Trains in Europe!

The other day, we were out trying to visit some people and some other people yelled at us asking if we were the police in town. So naturally, being missionaries, we seized the opportunity to try and talk to them. Whenever people ask us if we are the police or someone else, we always respond with, "Nope sorry but we do know how to save your souls!" A little too religious fanatic sounding I think. But they do always ask us what two Americans are doing in France. So we explain ourselves of course. Well this time it happened to go a little differently. These two people started talking to us and one of them had a bottle of wine in his hand. After a time, he noticed our name tags and leaned in to read them and I don’t know how it happened but he dropped his wine bottle and it shattered everywhere. Guess our influence just helps people from not drinking too. 

Besides that stuff, we went back out to Mezin and taught a few new people that we have found and we continue to find more people out here in Agen! We also had more Algerian food with the investigator family and I was loving it. That food is awesome!

Love to you all!

Elder Wilson