Monday, October 19, 2015

Just Because - Week 19

Well hello once again! I have brought good tidings of joy from this side of the world. As you probably know, it was the end of the transfer a week ago so I received a new companion and we've been killing it so far this week. But really though, Elder Steinbock, who is from Illinois, is a really cool dude and we have been working with our current investigators trying to find new ones this week. 

So after the whole getting used to Agen thing for Steinbock on Monday night and having our Pday on Tuesday, we finally got to do something Wednesday. Since this is the first time that I've been the one who knows the city better then my comp, we took our bikes out for a spin and passed by and tried to talk to a bunch of people I have tried to teach before. Mostly just to introduce them to the new kid in town and see what he thinks of them. 

The next day, we didn't really have much to do or people to go and visit. So for some reason we thought it was a good idea to go out and try and contact/knock on some doors for almost 5 hours. We didn't really have a lead of anywhere to go so we just got on our bikes and kind of let the spirit lead us to where we felt we should go. With that, we made our way a fair bit down one road and happened upon this apartment building. Yeah, yeah, I know, an apartment building. Sounds like nothing exciting right? Well the thing is, here in France, almost all of the big apartment buildings are always locked so we can never actually get into them. But this one actually was unlocked for once. So of course we proceed to knock on all 40 doors there and actually taught a lesson on the spot and set up a return appointment with another person. Sick.

On the way back after knocking on some other doors and nothing else to report on, we passed this door that I had seen a couple times before while riding the bus and I have always thought I should go knock on that door. So finally I actually had the chance too. Well we knocked on the door and this guy answered and he didn't really know who we were but we started talking to him about what we do and what we believe and he really wanted us to come back later. Also turns out that he has a family of seven kids. Always good for the Mormon cliche. But we went back to his house on Saturday and gave a brief first lesson to his whole family and they invited us to come back to eat with them this week. Score! Always have to be following those spiritual promptings. Lesson learned for the week.

Thursday this last week happened to be Steinbock's birthday and it was also my brother's birthday the same day. Shout out to my bro back home. Go listen to 22 by Taylor Swift to commemorate for me. But as with normal missionary fashion, what did we do on his birthday? Tried to find people all day of course! But we did get to celebrate when we made some flan and lit some Q-tips on fire as makeshift candles. They did work surprisingly. Things you learn on a mission. That's some life skills right there.

Sunday we woke up just like any other weekend and got ready to go to church. Well this one wasn't like any other Sunday though. As we just left to go to Church, the sky decided open up and pour rain on us and so we showed up at church soaking wet and it took the entire 3 hours for us to dry off. 

But for the rest of the week, we just went hard at trying to find more people to teach and got to teach more lessons to a few people I was teaching before. 

Well that was my week in summary. I hope everyone is great and I'll hopefully hear from you next week. 

Wilson out.

Just biking in the beautiful French fall weather

Just hitting that model pose 'cause why not?

Just playing around one night 

Just a beautiful sunset