Monday, October 5, 2015

Agen 2.5 - Week 17

Hello All!

On Tuesday this week, I had an exchange in Bordeaux and got to explore part of the city. Bordeaux still has to be one of the coolest cities I've been to. You're just walking along the street and you see something and it happens to be almost 1,000 years old. I don't know if you know how long that is but that's over three times as old as the USA and over five times as old as the church right now. That's old. But then they have all this modern looking stuff too and it just makes for a cool place. We went around in Bordeaux trying to pass out Books of Mormon and teach some of the Zone Leaders' investigators with not much luck but we did get to talk to one guy for a little while. Oh, also I should mention that this week our zone decided to do a week where we only speak French. Well after that first Monday for me, my mind was already hurting. But I did in fact make it through the whole week alive. After only trying to learn French for less than 4 months, it was a struggle at times. 

But yeah Bordeaux. Just a cool city and you get to talk to and meet so many people while you travel around. The next day, we stuck around Bordeaux for a few more hours and had a district meeting with the other missionaries. Always fun to be around Americans and talk American things when all you usually see and talk to are Frenchies. But later that night we were just going around, talking to people, trying to set up times for lessons and after a few hours of basically nothing and knowing that we had to leave soon to go to Agen, we decided to talk to just one last lady. Well it turned out this one lady was interested in us and wanted to talk to us more over a cup of coffee the next week. We probably should have mentioned that we aren't into that kind of stuff. Meh. She'll find out eventually.

Thursday came around and we didn't really have much planned so we thought it would be a good idea to take a bus out to one of the smaller villages. Well we ended up deciding to go to this place called Colayrac which is so small that first of all, the bus stop for it was just called "church", it wasn't even the name of the town. And second, we basically had knocked on every door in the town in a matter of hours. When you talk to people who live in places like that, you find out that they have lived there their whole life. They like that simple life I guess?

Last Friday, we went back to Mezin to visit with the part member family again. And for those of you wondering, yes that makes three weeks in a row we've gone there. Do I get some kind of bingo prize for that? But anyway, this week’s adventure was that we explored what they call their "cave" underneath their house. Basically it's just a place for storage. This place could have been an actual cave though. It had only a couple lights and they were the kind of lights that are just a bulb hanging down from the wire barely works kind of thing. But also in this cave, they happened to have a well that has a stone covering it that you have to take off in order to access the water. Pretty sweet stuff. We ended up staying and eating with them again and talking a little bit about the temple coming to Paris. Always enjoyable.

As many of you probably know, this last weekend was General Conference. So you're thinking to yourself, oh what kind of things is Blake going to throw out with talking about conference. Well I'm getting there. So growing up in a Mormon family, I was used to waking up Saturday morning, still probably in my pajamas watching conference on TV. Well, here in France since there is a big time difference and we don't have a TV, things went a little different. We actually watched one session on Saturday night and then three more on Sunday. But we had the best setup. An iPad hooked up with a speaker leaning on a chair so we could see the screen. Not your average Mormon household way of watching it, but it worked. And it was in fact in English. All the other branch members watched conference in the main room at the church in French and we were in a smaller room. They watched on a smart TV and every time the signal went out, they came in to get me and I had to fix it for them. What did they do before I came to Agen? My techie Dad would have been proud!

Other highlights of the week, a Muslim man that I met taught me some Arabic and I learned how to make crepes like a French person. Both are definitely useful skills.

Well that's really all the adventures for now. This is the last week of the transfer so you might not hear from me next Monday because we might be traveling if one of us is moving, which is highly likely.

Love to you all,

Elder Wilson

District picture with matching clothes for everyone

A random church in Colayrac

General Conference set up