Monday, September 28, 2015

Wait ... What is This I'm Eating? - Week 16

Well hello once again everyone! Looks like we all made it through another week. It was another slow week and so I might be stretching to find things to talk about. Just warning you in advance. Let's get started though.

This week started off like any other week. Monday we did some shopping and emails and talked to some more people. Nothing exciting to note there. Tuesday was at least a little different. We built some more cabinets for a family. And yeah, it was the same family that we had gone four other times to do service for them. I'm telling you, working for Ikea is looking like a good option if I ever need some money. But afterwards, we taught them a little bit and headed out on our way. Upon leaving we decided to call one of our other investigators who only likes being called the day of for appointments. Well we gave him a call and set up a meeting later that night with him. Until then, we knock on a few doors with not much success. Well we headed over to our investigators house to talk with him and his girlfriend for a bit. So this guy is super into old school NBA players and teams and every time I'm over there, our conversations always turn into something American. For instance, this time we ended up talking about Disney movies and 80's basketball players, don't ask me how they are related. After he showed me his pretty decent sized basketball card collection, which I'm pretty sure can go for a decent amount of money in America, and a few old school basketball jerseys, we ended up sitting around their table eating grapes from Italy and grapes from France and being lectured why the French ones are superior. They sound like a bunch of Americans out here letting you know that things from their country are better. I have to say that I am definitely one of those Americans. But while eating all the grapes here, I've learned a very useful skill of being able to simultaneously get the seeds out of the grapes while still enjoying them. Life skills right?

On Wednesday this week, we had a multi-zone conference in Bordeaux. All the missionaries from around Bordeaux and Toulouse got together and heard from our President and his wife, of course, and Elder Adler from the 3rd Quorum of the Seventy also accompanied him throughout the mission. It's pretty cool to hear words from a General Authority specifically for my mission at that certain time. Definitely not something you really get back at home. But after hearing everything he had to say and the counsel just for us, Elder Alder wanted to interview some of the missionaries. And using my reasoning I thought he would just interview some of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders, but boy was I wrong. So after one of the Sisters went into the interview, one of the Assistants came up to me and said, "Hey, Elder Adler wants to interview you." So there I was kind of freaking out that a General Authority wanted to have an interview with me. So a good 40 minutes and a few interviews with with some of the leaders of the zones later, I finally went in to talk with him. But man, if you ever get the opportunity to receive counsel and wisdom from a General Authority, I highly recommend it. There is no way that these guys aren't being directly inspired from God. Not with him saying things to me that directly addressed things I had been thinking about. Definitely a pretty cool experience and not something somebody gets to go through all the time. Consider myself lucky.

Friday last week, we ended up going back out to Mezin to go be with that part member family out there. Well we talked for a little while and as usual, got our strange fruit from the husband, which this time was passion fruit which isn't half bad but different than any other fruit I've ever tasted. Well I also learned that it is a tradition where Muslims get together and buy a sheep and kill it on the 25th of September. So after being told this whole story by the mom of the family, and that this tradition happened to take place right next to their house, we got a knock on the door. It ended up being one of their neighbors who brought over some bread and meat for this member family. We were actually in the middle of dinner and decided to eat this meat. Well after I had eaten a little bit, I got the sense to actually ask what it was. Here's a little of how the conversation went.

Me: "So what actually is this stuff that I'm deciding to eat?"

The mom: "Oh just some of the sheep intestines that they killed from yesterday."

Me after choking for a second: "Hmm well that's good to know" ... as I continued to just eat some more.

Really wasn't too bad. Would eat it again to be honest. I'm surprised that I didn't ask what it was sooner.

At church yesterday, we showed up a little bit early to get the church open and what not. When you go to a church building that used to be a house, you have to actually open all the windows. Well after doing all that we had about 20 minutes until church started. So we just sat around until 9:30 came around. Nobody had come. So we still just sat there, 9:35 ... 9:40 ... 9:45 ... and then finally someone showed up. But don't worry, we had a whopping 16 people come by the end of church. Such is the life of a small branch here in the countryside.

That's all for the week and thanks to everyone who writes me letters. I appreciate all of them!

Love you all and take care this week.

Elder Wilson

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