Monday, September 14, 2015

Rugby Playing Fijians and Mormon Wine - Week 14

Hello once again! Here I am tuning in for you in the middle of southern France. I'm beginning to think that me being out on my mission is a good luck charm for BYU football. How many Hail Marys can they make to win a game? I'm more than a little sad I am missing this epic season, but epic things are happening here as well. What I have to report on is pretty sweet. Let's get started.

I'm going to start this week with a joke to mix things up alright? So an Australian, Fijian and two Americans walk into a house in France speaking only English... Okay so after hearing that beginning, I know what you're thinking. Something along the lines of "Oh great, he's going to pull out some kind of bad joke that probably won't end up being funny." Well jokes on you because it's not even a joke to begin with. I know you're disappointed but it just sounded like the start of one. But the real story is that we were porting, a.k.a. the French equivalent of going door to door, and we happened upon this couple. Well the guy is actually from Fiji and when we first started talking to him in French, he was like, "Hey so I don't speak French", and he proceeds to get his girlfriend to talk to us. But before he could do that I told him I could relate because I couldn't speak French either being this new and all. Always a joy to talk to English speakers. But they let us in and we got to talk to them for a little while about gospel stuff and other things in general. Turns out, he actually plays rugby for the team here in Agen. His arms are massive and are probably bigger than my waist. Noted I am some skinny white boy but still, that's pretty big. After talking for a bit, we learned that just the day before, the girlfriend was asking about religion and they also said their first prayer the night before too. Well turns out she didn't grow up with religion at all and that was her first prayer said and he wasn't sure how to explain religious things to her. So here we come down the street, two Americans and we were able to talk and answer their questions for the day. Follow up to come. Stay tuned!

I took on another adventure this week: cutting my own hair for the first time. I know what you're thinking, how could he ever accomplish such a feat alone? But there I was, one man, one goal with a path set ahead of me. Only one thing standing in the way of me looking fly again, all that stuff on the top of my head. There I was a man with no plan and just having the little advice my mom was able to give me. But with luck hopefully on my side, I set off on the journey of a lifetime. (Or more like the week but it's more dramatic if you say lifetime. You get the picture.) There I stood battling for over an hour not giving up for anything. (Also side note, all the mirrors here are set at my neck area so I can't even see my head unless I'm partially doing the splits. #tallpeopleproblems) Going back and forth neither give an inch of space. After a long battle I came out victorious and feeling confident enough to actually leave the premise the next morning. (Yes I really did just try and entertain you while talking about cutting hair.)

On Friday, we took a bus out to this smaller town that's basically in the middle of the French countryside. There is a part member family who lives there that we try to work with as much as we can. We ended up doing a family home evening with them and then afterwards she always has to feed us. So as part of it, we went out to this farm/park thing in the town. Basically it's like an orchard with a bunch of fruit trees and fruit bushes that anyone in the town can come and get. But the cool thing about it is that we were just like picking grapes off the vine in the middle of the French countryside. Like how many people really get that kind of opportunity in their lives? I hope they weren't meant to be used for wine. Meh. It wasn't wine yet right? But still, pretty cool thing to say I've done.

We went to Bordeaux again for some more zone training and of course built our usual cabinets for some families. Not much else has been happening besides talking to a bunch of people and still trying to figure out French.

I hope you all have a great week and I appreciate anything that gets done for me!

Love you all.

Elder Wilson

Sporting the new haircut

District meeting in Bordeaux. Nachos anyone?

In the mission office in Lyon

On one of our many long train rides

One of the many old churches in Agen