Monday, September 7, 2015

Blue's Conference and Burger King - Week 13

Hello all! Looks like we all made it through another week of our lives. Congrats! I have to give a shout out to the BYU football team for pulling through with that win even though I wasn't around to enjoy it. Add that game as one to watch when I'm back though.

Not too much happened at the beginning of this week so I think I'll just start off on Thursday of last week.

In my mission, we do a conference where all the Blues (Greenies in normal missionary terms) go to Lyon to meet with the President and basically just have a conference. So we loaded up on the train on Thursday morning and made our way to the mission office. Well when we first got on the train, we started to talk to this girl next to us in French. After a little while we find out that she is actually from England and we were thinking "Why the heck are we talking in French then?" Well we then continued talking the rest of the time in English. We surprisingly meet quite a fair amount of English people in the middle of the French countryside. But this one in particular was actually from where my Dad went on his mission (shout out to Papa and having his birthday yesterday.) We basically just talked with her and she told us some crazy stories about the history of Agen. Someone might have to tell me what the internet says about that and see if it matches up at all. But after the 5 hour ride, we finally made it to Lyon and just chilled in the office for the rest of the night.

The next morning well all got up, got ready, the usual missionary stuff and headed back over to the office. Nothing like waking up and being able to eat a bunch of French pastries that were made that morning. Definitely something I won't ever get used to. We got to sit around and eat and catch up with with the other guys who were in my MTC district. Always cool to hear all of their experiences even though it's only been 7 weeks. We were then able to listen to our President and his wife talk for a while and see how we could become better at doing what we do. After that whole thing, the assistants had us do a little competition between all of the trainers and all the new missionaries. So we all set out to Lyon to this really cool town square type of place and we saw who could give out more Books of Mormon and do other missionary things in a few hours. Proud to say that at the end of it when all the numbers were counted up, all the little Blues ended up doing more than the trainers. Twenty points for Gryffindor.  Who knew we weren't actually hopeless with only 2 months of French learning under our belts. Also, while we were out contacting for those few hours, we approached these two people and started to talk to them for a bit. After a little while we realized that one of the guys had a CTR ring on. After they realized that we knew they were Mormon, they just chilled and talked with us in English for a little while. Haha. Turns out they both just got back from their missions less than two weeks before. I'm not going to lie but when we first went up to them, I thought for a split second that they totally looked like Mormons but I kind of just disregarded that after a little while. Guess I was right all along.

After that all went down, the guys in the office basically had to kick us out of the office so that they could do work. So what does a bunch of Americans do when they don't have much to do? Go to Burger King of course. What I did notice about it is that yes, Burger King in France is better than in America and also there apparently is only two Burger Kings in France and we happened to be close enough to go to one. The next day, Saturday, we got up to try and catch our trains to make it back to all our cities later that day. During the train ride that day, I saw the Mediterranean Sea, the Swiss Alps and the usual castles along the French countryside. Basically, as most white girls (or the boyz of 1101) would say, I'm #blessed. But really though, it's pretty sweet to be able to see all these things on just one train ride and I did get some pictures for you guys to enjoy sometime too. As part of our train ride, we stopped in this city called Montpelier for a little while and got to see some famous fountain there. Someone will have to tell me about the back story of it sometime.

After we got home that night, we went over to our Branch President’s house to and help him out for a few hours. If you know my history of doing service out here on the mission, what do I do basically every time? Well if you guessed building cabinets, you'd be right! Here take a gold star for your efforts. I'm not really sure what it is with French people and missionaries, but really every service project we do, is building something from an IKEA-esque store for them. So if anyone needs any help once I'm back, just let me know. I'll probably will have built an entire store's worth by the end of these 2 years.

Well that about wraps it up for this week. Thanks to all who write me letters and I'll see you all in the same place and same time next week. 

Love you all!

Elder Wilson

Back together again

The Mediterranean Sea from the train window

Yup, that's our church