Monday, September 21, 2015

100 Days Without America - Week 15

On Tuesday of this last week, I went on an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders in Bordeaux. And during exchanges, all of the weird things seem to happen. This one was no different. The other Elders came to Agen in the morning and we switched for the day. After just finishing our studies in the morning, we headed out to go check on some potential investigators and hopefully find some others by knocking on some doors. After a little while with not much success, we stopped at this one house and rang the doorbell. This little old lady came out and greeted us and talked with us for a while. She was interested in learning what we had to offer but didn't have the time to really talk then. So she sent us off with some water bottles and cookies. Yeah know that all seems pretty normal right? But the whole time she kept saying that she wasn't being nice to us just to be nice, but she was being nice for God. I think we need to go and find more people wanting to be nice to God more often. I mean, we do share the good word of God so it's kind of the same thing. But that was definitely a mission first experience.

Later on during that day, we decided to take our bikes out to go to this one family’s house that lives a fair distance away. Well this was Elder Sanders first time on a bike on his mission and he just kept saying, "I feel so much like a real missionary now!" I guess we only have fake missionaries here in France. But really though, it's weird thinking I'm like one of the only missionaries here in France riding a bike. That's all normal stuff for me, but for everyone else, it's weird.

So this past week, we got someone to commit to baptism so that's pretty exciting. We're also pretty close to getting her husband/boyfriend to committing. Here in France nobody actually gets married and they still think of each other as husband and wife but we have to actually get them married to get baptized. We're planning for the baptism in a few weeks so we will see what happens here soon! Still trying our best to get out and save some souls here in France.

On Thursday this past week marked 100 days for me on my mission so to celebrate I decided to do the only thing I know how to do - celebrate being American. So here I was thinking of what I could do. I was looking around and I saw the American flag I proudly hang on the wall. I grabbed that and draped it around my shoulders. Next I had to have something to hold in my hands so I got the idea to make some Kool-Aid. Not just any old Kool-Aid but grape flavored. They don't have Kool-Aid here at all so I thought it was fitting to make something from the states. Now I know what you're thinking, "But Blake, you have two hands to hold things in!" Yes I know, I know, I'm getting there. Since I am a missionary and all, I figured I had to bring in the secret weapon that we use - the Book of Mormon. And before any of you say anything, yes I know it's in French and I know I made that rookie mistake. The next time I hit 100 days on my mission I promise I'll do better. But what better object then the Book of Mormon that started this whole church and consequently it was also in America. Seemed fitting. Here are the results of that:

Later this week we're going up to Bordeaux again to do a multi zone conference with Elder Adler there. Someone might have to let me know who he actually is. I think that he is in the seventy if I'm not mistaken. But that should make for a good time and I'm pretty excited for that!

During our mission right now, we are putting this huge emphasis on the temple since the temple in Paris is going to be finished relatively soon. So my comp and I decided to put together a ward activity, with as many of our investigators as we could to come, to be able to talk about the temple and get them to talk to their friends about it. And since this is France and all, there always has to be food associated with the activity. We ended up deciding on making crepes and my mother raised me and taught me how to properly make them. So there I was in the kitchen attempting my best French chef impression and surprisingly more than one person came in and complimented me on them. Like I could understand if one person came in and complimented me because they felt pity for my lack of skills but no, a few people actually. Have to give a shout out to momma Wilson for teaching me that one. Not everyday do you get compliments from French people about your crepe making skills!

Well that's it for the week. Check back in next week for my adventures here in France. 

Love you all!

Elder Wilson