Monday, August 10, 2015

The Week I Might Have Broken My Nose and Played Basketball with a Drunk Guy - Week 9

First off, let me just say that there are only 26 more days until BYU Football kicks off. At least if you're not excited, I'm sure I am for the both of us.

Moving along now...

Alright let me say first off, breaking my nose and the drunk guy weren't on the same day. Though, it would probably make the story a lot more exciting. So let's start off last Monday shall we? So apparently it's been argued that Agen is one of the hottest places in France. It wouldn't be that bad if they had air conditioning here but since Europe doesn't enjoy nice temperatures, we have to just use a fan to try and keep ourselves from not dying. AND our fan decided to break right before the hottest time here! But don't worry mom, we have one now and are just fine. 

Last Thursday we went to Bordeaux to have a district meeting and somehow someone got a member to volunteer and feed us. So after 7 more courses of French food and probably a whole baguette later, I was off on my exchange with one of the zone leaders. So the zone leader I was with is from Canada and is like a huge basketball and BYU fan. Coincidentally, both of those things apply to me. He was the first person I've really been able to talk to who knows sports. Basically I just caught him up on all the latest BYU basketball and football news and it made for a great time for the both of us. Well as part of our plan for that day, we were going to play basketball at this park in Bordeaux and see if we could become friends with some of the guys in hopes that we could then maybe teach them later. We were playing for a few hours and during one of the games I got elbowed right in the nose by another guy. I now have this crazy purple bruise underneath my one eye from it. Basically you know when a 3 year old is trying to put on some eye shadow and put on way too much? Well that's basically what I'm looking like right now. But the rest of the exchange went great! Nothing else broken. Also a side note. There used to be 3 chapels in Bordeaux but one of them burned down and so sitting in the mission apartment in Bordeaux is the large church name plaque that was on the burned down church. Just chilling on their wall. That's something you don't see every day. 

On Wednesday of last week, we decided to go porting in this small city called Bon Encontre. It's just right outside of Agen. But the moral of this story is that I was able to do an entire conversation in French without my companion saying anything. But I probably should say how the conversation went:

Me - "Hey, how are you doing today?"

Lady - "Pretty good."

Me - "So today my companion and I are doing a questionnaire on families. Could you help us out?"

Lady - "No thanks."

And then she proceeds to shut the door on us. Besides the fact that it wasn't much of a conversation, I at least did all the talking! 10 points for Gryffindor anyone? 

But on the up side, we had a lesson scheduled with a guy named "L." Usually before lessons I write down a few phrases that I can say in French so that I can participate and not sound too dumb. This time I was actually able to understand what was going on, answer some of his questions and even bore my testimony in a way that "L" could understand. More Gryffindor points?

The past couple of days here have been raining basically non stop all day long. We have at least been able to find a couple of umbrellas for us so we don't get soaking wet while out trying to talk to people. But usually on Saturday mornings, we try and get together a group of some less actives and some investigators to come and play basketball and throw a Frisbee around for a few hours. Saturday morning came and it wasn't showing any signs that it was going to rain so we decided to go out and try to have some fun. Well, the only people whole showed up are these two kids who kind of live next door to us. We decided to wait around to see if anyone else would show up and the sky just decided to let loose and it started to down pour on us. We tried to find refuge in this park not too far away that had a covered pavilion. When we got there, there were these three guys talking and so we went to the other side not to bother them. Well after a while, two of the guys left and there was just one left. See that math I just did there? Who knew your mission could teach you math? Well anyways, he came over and kind of tried to talk to us, with some alcohol in hand, and wanting to dribble a basketball. My comp and I just looked at each other and thought it'd make for a good time. Basically if you ever get the opportunity to watch a drunk guy play basketball, I recommend it. After awhile of doing everything we could in a limited area with a basketball and a Frisbee, we decided to call it a day. Well, that's really all for this week. Nothing really exciting happened but I'll be heading up to Bordeaux again this week for a multi zone conference that should be pretty fun. I hope you all have a great week!

Love the one and only E. Wilson

This is five days later

Train station in Agen

Cathedral in Bordeaux