Monday, August 31, 2015

Tall Americans and Parties for Pointless Things - Week 12

Hello everyone!

For those of you counting at home, I did in fact make it through my first real transfer out here in the field. Thanks for noticing! Now if we do the math on that, that means I have fifteen more to go. One, fifteen, basically the same right?

We got our transfer calls this past Friday and turns out nothing is changing with me. Just staying in the same area with the same companion. Changes to come next transfer though!

I would like to be the first one to welcome you all to the happiest time of the year. Also known as the first week of college football. Nothing better than a nice fall day watching football. And since I won't be around to do it, you better enjoy it for me!

Last Monday, we had a little bit of extra time on P-Day so we went to go and check out this aqueduct that is more of an actual canal now. But what's cool about it is that it actually goes from Toulouse to Bordeaux and is flat the whole way. Also the part that is in Agen, it actually goes over a river and in between the river on the bottom and the canal/aqueduct on top is a train line. Nothing like riding a train that goes between two rivers.

I have learned over the past few months that the French have some weird traditions that they like to do. One that I learned of recently is that when someone gets married, they have a caravan of cars the follow the newlyweds around the city for a little while. And that seems pretty normal and all but what makes it different is that everyone in that caravan honks their horn the entire time they are following the newlyweds so you know when someone gets married and you know for a few miles down the road too. But when they pass by houses, people like to come out of their houses and join in with the camaraderie and shout along with the cars. Makes for a good time as long as you like noise.

This weekend there was the Grand Prune Festival here in Agen. Can I just take a second and say, if you can have a whole festival on some tiny fruit, you can have a festival on anything you want. Maybe when I'll get back, I'll start one on bread or something. I don't know, the possibilities are endless. I think French people just like to have an excuse to get together and party. But there were probably at least five times as many people here this weekend then normally live here. But as part of it, they would give out free prunes every night and there was always this super long line to get them. People will do anything for free things I'm telling you. Also as part of it, everyone had these purple scarves and the whole weekend my comp and I tried to hunt down some of them for ourselves but we have yet to be successful, sadly. Maybe next year we'll have better luck. 

The other day, we were just walking to go to another appointment that we had when one of the Elders from Bordeaux texted us and said that they just contacted this teenage guy from Romania who came up and talked to them because he remembers talking to a kid who looked like them named something Wilson. Turns out that person named something Wilson was actually me from when I was on an exchange in Bordeaux a few weeks ago. There is a couple of crazy things here. First, people don't usually just come up and start talking to us and also I learned that it really helps to be this tall. People apparently remember you when you have this kind of American height in the middle of Europe. 

Earlier in the week, we were going to go with one of our investigators to visit his in wife in the hospital. We planned on meeting at this bus stop at a certain time but it turned out that the bus came early and we missed our bus. Well the guy we were meeting had already gotten on and was freaking out when he saw we were not on the bus. So instead of chasing after that same bus, we decided to run to the train station to see if we could beat the bus while on foot. After sprinting there for a good little while, we found out that 1) when we run, we can in fact beat the bus to the station and 2) unfortunately our friend had gotten off the bus and was nowhere to be found. Since he didn't have a cell phone, we decided to follow the bus route back to the original meeting spot. We never did end up finding him along the way. We still decided to go to the hospital to visit his wife so we just waited at the bus stop until the next bus came. When we were a little more than halfway to the hospital, we turned around on the bus and who happens to be sitting there? Yeah, our friend we were going to go with the whole time. Neither of us knew how or when he got on because he wasn't there when we initially got on and we were checking every stop along the way. Still not sure how that happened to this day.

Well that about wraps it up for this past week. I hope you all have a great week and you can read about my adventures again next week, same time, same place.

Take care!

Elder Wilson

A cathedral we visited last week

View from the top of the river and canal/aqueduct