Monday, August 17, 2015

Mom, I Killed a Missionary This Week! Well ... Kind of. - Week 10

So let me explain. I didn't actually kill anyone. Not yet at least. In the mission language, when someone goes home after their two years is up, the missionary dies and his last companion is the one who kills him. But last week I went on an exchange with an Elder who goes home tomorrow so I kind of helped out with his dying in a sense in being his last exchange. That counts right?

Now on to the real stuff! Not much of an exciting week to report on but I'll try my best! Let's begin. 

Last P-day, we didn't really have much to do so we decided to go and look around a few Catholic cathedrals. Now let me tell you, if seeing two American missionaries in the middle of a French Catholic cathedral isn't at least a little bit weird, then I'm not sure what is. But yeah, I felt weird just standing in there.

Twice this week we helped this family build some cabinets for their kitchen. We figured out how to build it after 2 hours of trying to build and answer their questions about the church while it was the usual summer heat of France without any air conditioning. It was an adventure. But it was all worth it afterwards when they fed us fried chicken and French fries. Not sure how much more American you can get then that. The funny thing was, the whole family is French. Not one bit American. I'm not complaining. I'll take anything American anytime I can get it.

So there is this theme park right outside of Agen that we have passed a few times while riding the bus. And on the sign it has both French and English terms for "Welcome to Walabi!" The only problem is whoever they got to translate their French to English messed up a little bit. Instead in English it says "Welcome At Walabi!" I mean, it's the thought that counts right?

I don't know how many of you out there know what Utah weather is like sometimes, let's just say it's very bi-polar. It can snow in the morning and then be in the 70's by the afternoon. Well last week, I think I brought a little bit of that kind of weather with me. So last Thursday morning it was pouring rain the whole time we were doing our studies so we thought we would put a jacket on and bring our umbrellas. Well right as we left to go walk to go teach a lesson, it got really hot and the rain left completely and we were dying in our sweaters. Then after our lesson, it started to downpour again and luckily we had our umbrellas so we didn't get soaked. But then 30 minutes later it got super hot again. Then that whole process happened again later that day. At least the sun dried me off every time right?

I don't know how French people do it, but as soon as they see you, they just know you are an American. I mean it might help when I'm over 6 foot 7 inches in the middle of France but I don't look that lost do I? But anyways, this morning we were at the grocery store ready to check out and the guy in front of us turned around and said "You're American aren't you?" Turned out the guy had lived in America for a while and I got to have a nice conversation about American things for a little while. God Bless America.

This week we were able to go to Bordeaux again to go to a mission conference. Nothing else better than being around over 40 other Americans. But actually, being able to talk with all of the other missionaries and learn from President Brown and his wife is really cool. As part of the conference, Sister Brown had us all take off our shoes and socks and go outside where we played charades. But the thing was, the people acting it out had to have their foot in a pool of water. If I was walking by the church where 50 missionaries didn't have any shoes on while running back and forth and playing charades, I would want to join that church. Sounds like a fun church to me!

The other day, Elder Bake and I were walking down the street to go meet up with a member. Right when we had hit the middle of the crosswalk, the car that was waiting to turn called us over. Maybe I should have thought more about stopping in the middle of the street to talk to someone but hey, I'm a missionary so things like that are normal right? Well, turns out they thought we were Scientology missionaries. Not sure what they believe in but I bet Thomas Edison would have joined.

Helpful tip of the week: be really tall. All the time people ask me how tall I am and when I proceed to say over 2 meters, since this is Europe and all, they freak out because I guess nobody is ever over 2 meters tall. It's really helpful for starting up conversations too. Thank you mom and dad for somehow making me this tall. They get to choose that kind of thing right?

Well that's it for this week! I hope everyone has a great week this week including everyone who has one last week of freedom before school starts. Also if anyone sees my sister this week, it's her birthday tomorrow and someone has to kiss her since I can't. 

Love you all!

Elder Wilson

Just cruising through the French countryside.

One of the many rivers in town we cross over everyday.

One of my childhood best friends, Elder Keller. He has been out about 10 months.

The Bordeaux Zone