Monday, August 24, 2015

Drinking 800 Year Old Holy Water - Week 11

This is the first week I didn't go to Bordeaux. But there still were plenty of things that took place. Let's get started! 

Last Monday, one of our investigators called us up and asked us if we wanted to go with him to this old church in the countryside. We didn't see a reason not to and so we went along with him. Turns out he'd been going to the little park around the church for years. He also told us the back story of the place and the building is over 800 years old. Like do you know how old that is? Over three times as old at the USA for those of you counting at home. Well at that same church, there is fountain spring kind of thing that is supposed to be "holy water" from Saint Germain, who the church is named after, and so this guy made us drink some of the water and it just tasted like sulfur and I felt it for a few hours after. But at least I'm saved now right?

Throughout Agen, there are a few rivers that just flow through the city. So when we are riding our bikes along the rivers with a baguette in our hands, we're basically real French men, except without a beret of course.

Well this week marks one transfer down for me! Two down, fifteen more to go. That also means we'll be having transfer calls this week but more likely than not, I'll be staying here for a good little while.

So pretty cool thing that happened this week. We just had a few hours to go contacting so we went to this park by one of the rivers and just started talking to people. Well we found this one guy that we talked to for a fair bit of time and he gave us his number. So we parted ways and 5 or 10 minutes later, he comes running after us yelling Wilson (probably not exactly likely Castaway but you get the idea) and he says that he messed up his number while giving it to us. I'm not sure if he gave us the wrong number at first or if the spirit did some work there. But either way, running after a couple missionaries to change one number is awesome for someone to do.

This week we went to go and visit this part member family out in this small town called Mezin. It's about an hour bus ride through the French countryside with the included castles of course. But really that ride was like straight out of a movie and what you imagine the French countryside to be like. Another reason why we went out there was to go and find this less active guy that nobody had heard from in years. He apparently lives in an even smaller village 6 miles outside of Mezin. So we thought we could just bring our bikes and ride to his house. Well we set off on our journey not knowing that the first 4 miles were uphill. So since that took way longer then we really had time for, we had to turn around still 2 miles from this guy’s house. We had to turn around and go back unsuccessful and tired for the day. But at that 4 mile mark, we did get to stop in this other small village that apparently only has 300 people living in it. Now I've seen the big cities and the small villages of France. But there is nothing like riding a bike through the French country. That has to be on someone's bucket list, not mine, but I'll take the accomplishment for you.

So as I have mentioned in previous emails, Agen is known for its prunes. And this next weekend is the Agen prune show where for three days, once a year, everyone just goes crazy here with prunes. They've already been setting things up and everything is starting to turn purple. I've already had a fair bit of prunes to eat. Like some desserts, some just from a branch, and some homemade jam this family gave us. People like to give us food when we are at their houses so that's always nice. Hopefully there will be a ton of people here to talk to during the festival! Stay tuned to see what happens with all the prunes though.

Anyways, not much of an exciting week but I hope everyone has a great week with school and what other escapades you guys are doing! 

Love you all!

Elder Wilson

 Field of sunflowers where we were riding. There are so many sunflower fields here!

Where the "holy water" comes from 

Where the "holy water" comes out so you can drink it

The 800 year old church

The tiny village we rode to