Monday, August 3, 2015

And They Say Americans Eat A Lot - Week 8

Oh boy what a week it has been! Finally got to experience my first full week in Agen and seeing what it has to offer. Well it's a pretty small city so there really is nothing there to offer but it's been great! Let's start off with where I ended last week shall we?

So the next morning after being at President's house, we all woke up and made our way to do our legality so we wouldn't be kicked out of the country for the next year. It was kind of sketchy because they take you back one by one and ask you questions in French and hopefully you can understand them. Luckily we all made it out alive and well. Did I mention all the French people spoke English? Yeah, that might have helped a little bit. After, we made our way to one of the churches in Lyon and President Brown spoke to us and we found out who our trainers were and such. I found out I was going to this little city called Agen that is known for it's prunes that it grows and their rugby team. Not really sure how those things are related! My trainer is Elder Bake from Oregon and he seemed pretty chill. We then sat around talking for a little while and then all the new trainers and new blues (that's what they call use in France instead of greenies) went to this pretty big city square and went contacting for a while. We all met back up and went and got some food at good ol' McDonald's and made our way back to the office to do some more training and what not. Well upon entering the office, all of our bags were actually there. Apparently the office Elders went through a lot to get our bags for us again. Thank you Elders! Well we took all of our stuff and went back to the apartment to get some more sleep before we got shipped off to our various areas around France.

The next morning we got up and took our 6 hour train ride to Agen. Nothing like seeing castles, the Mediterranean Sea and other old looking buildings out the window of the train. Pretty sweet place I'm in.

So the first couple of days here were pretty chill. Just trying to get myself acquainted with real missionary life and all. 
A couple of things that I've noticed here in France.

  • All the cars, motorcycles and mopeds run on diesel making them so much louder when they pass by you.
  • All the commercial vehicles, like the buses and transport trucks are all made by Mercedes Benz. Why isn't America that classy?
  • Everyone smokes and you constantly smell smoke when you walk by people.
  • There are so many things from America that are around France. Always nice to see which country is the best in the world.
  • Even the crappy chocolate here, like in the cereal and things, is better then most chocolate in America.

Let's see, a couple of stories in no particular order of when they happened: 

So on Saturday there was supposed to be this branch activity but because of the rain it got canceled. Well, the lady who was in charge of it lives 90 minutes away and didn't learn it was canceled until she got to the church. She called us and asked if we still wanted to have a picnic with this investigator family so we went to this park and ate and talked and such. Well turns out one of the things I ate here was pig throat and liver and duck throat and liver. Check those off the list of weird things I've eaten. I'm not sure they really count because it was in this like meat paste thing. I'm just making it sound worse and worse huh?

So I've been able to eat at French families houses 3 different times so far. Which, that in itself is crazy for France but when you eat with a French person, YOU EAT. Like I'm talking, I've had more then 7 courses every single time. I have yet to hit that double digit meal mark though. I'll let you know when it happens though. I have included some photos from the city of Auch. We took this 90 minute bus ride and went to go eat with this member there. The city center is on top of a hill and the city just spreads out around it which is pretty sweet, with the cathedral right in the middle. We ate like 8 courses at the member's house and it was awesome but we were in Auch for less then 3 hours and we took the bus back another 90 minutes. I don't mind sitting on trains or buses for long periods of time anymore. 

But I think that's it for now! This week includes my first exchange and it'll be in Bordeaux so I'm looking forward to that but besides that, just normal missionary work will be happening! Love you all

Have a great week!

E. Wilson

My trainer Elder Bake in the middle with his trainer to the left.

My first meal in Agen

City of Auch

Cathedral in Auch

Back of the cathedral

Elder Barr in the MTC. He is going to Russia and is the brother of Trevor's MTC companion. We first met each other at the airport picking up our brothers after their missions.