Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The President and the Eleven - Week 3

Oh boy. What a week it has been. From having the Prophet and all the 11 Apostles less then 100 feet from where I sleep to meeting my new mission president to getting real world food, it has been one to remember. 

Alright, now to explain this week.

So if anyone has been to the MTC around July 1, you'll know that's when the new mission presidents come and have a seminar to get trained before they go out to their missions for the next 3 years. All of the important people in the church show up and teach them or do a presentation and so the MTC is locked down, especially the main building, and none of the missionaries ever see the VIPs. I guess because I live in Utah with several of the General Authorities, Apostles and first Presidency members living close to my home, I don't think of them as celebrities. You should see some of the people here when they found out they were all on campus. Basically like if a teenage girl sees Harry Styles (or man crush of choice) in person. That's about accurate. 

With part of the training for the new presidents, some of them come teach classes to the missionaries. We not only got lucky enough to get a mission president and his wife come teach us, but he so happens to live in my mission in Provence, and yes you do have to say that in a French accent. If any of you happen to be in the Congo in the next 3 years, tell Prez Baehrel that the tall missionary says "Hi!"

Because of all the training that happened this week, we were kicked out of the cafeteria so they could use the room and it wasn't too much fun. We were served just regular sandwiches and salads every meal. Until THE day happened! We were all tired from being in a classroom for hours on end and we walked into the makeshift cafeteria, that was really the gym,  and what was in front of us? Costa Vida! (the lesser known, not as good little brother of Cafe Rio.) We all cried tears of joy, not only for the opportunity to be able to eat real outside human food again, but because of the delicious food about to touch our taste buds. They have been deprived of such tasty food for almost a month. Thank you mission presidents. Also included last week: Taco Bell, Subway and Chick-fil-A. MTC life isn't always bad. (Side note: there were 3,600 Chick-fil-A sandwiches made for that day.) 

So this morning we went to the temple as a district and cleaned part of the temple. We were all just sitting there waiting to be told what to do and this head housekeeping lady walked in and was like, "Alright Sisters, you should all go up to the Celestial Room and clean the crystals on the chandelier." Obviously all the Sisters were excited now. So all the Elders were sitting excitedly waiting to see what cool thing we would do. After all the Sisters left, the head lady told us, "Alright Elders, you get to go and clean the ladies locker room." So if any of you go to the Provo Temple in the next while, I cleaned that room for 3 hours ... you better enjoy it!

Allegedly it is a tradition that all the missionaries from the MTC march in the 4th of July parade in Provo. I have to find out if that's true or not so check back next week. Not allegedly, so factually, the MTC allows us to go up to the temple to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks on the 4th of July so that will be fun to actually be able to celebrate the best holiday there is, the freaking independence of the best dang country in the world. Plus all the fireworks get shot from Lavell Edwards stadium which is basically my second home. 

Well that's all for the adventures of Elder Wilson this week. Half way through the MTC and I can almost taste those French pastries on my lips. 

Love you all and catch you next week! 

Elder Wilson

Everyone that's going to Lyon with the new Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Brown. They start their mission today!

(Scott Douglas Brown, 58, and Traci Lee Bruce Brown, four children, Union 3rd Ward, Sandy Utah Cottonwood Creek Stake: France Lyon Mission, succeeding President Blake M. Roney and Sister Nancy Roney. Brother Brown is a former bishop, branch president, high councilor, stake Young Men president, elders quorum president, gospel doctrine teacher and missionary in the France Toulouse Mission. Attorney, Nuttall, Brown and Coutts Law Offices. Born in Salt Lake City to Lawrence Martin Brown and Marilyn Allred Brown. Sister Brown is a former ward Relief Society and Primary president, ward Young Women and Primary presidency counselor and young single adult adviser. Born in Los Angeles to Leland Egan Bruce and Glenda Glee Geer Bruce.)