Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mix Tape Dropping 2k17 - Week 5

Let me explain for a second, so yes I'm in a rap group, and yes we did start it while in the MTC. So this girl in my district, sorry, Sister in my district and I somehow started a rap group. Willy-G (that's me) and Holmgirl (Sister Holmgren). Watch out for the mixtape in 2017 when I'm back. Probably a remix of hymns or Taylor Swift. Either one would be good I think. For those who don't know, I am a big fan of one such Taylor Swift. Not sure if it's my multiple T-shirts, life size cutout of her or my posters on the walls that show I like her, but I do.

So MTC culture is weird. If you've been here for more than 2 weeks you're considered old. By that time you have everything down and you know what to do with most things. So since I've been here for almost 6 weeks, I'm basically a grandpa. Not sure what the 12 weekers are considered then. But by this time, everything in the cafeteria tastes the same and I still savor the one time we had real food from Costa Vida. Thank you First Presidency for kicking us out of the actual cafeteria.

So since I've been here I've been through 53 lessons, endless gallons of Powerade (yes I do drink at least a cup with every meal), 12 devotionals, over 100 hours of being taught only in French, 5 temple trips, multiple games of sand volleyball (gym time activity of choice), a handful of times of going to choir practice (and no I never did actually sing), meeting every French speaker who knows my brother, 22 more months to go and probably a partridge in a pear tree somewhere in there. But the best part of being in the MTC has been learning a new language. It's really fun to talk to someone in another language besides English. 

So last Friday we finally received our travel plans. You always know when people get their travel plans because of how they come strutting out of the mail room with this big old smile and a yellow piece of paper. It's like saying, "Hey look, you actually do get to go to a real place and talk to real people and have real food!" Eleven of us head out on Monday morning for a very long, two day trip. But yeah, at least on the way to Lyon, I get to stop in New York and in Paris. Then I can say I've been to like the 2 most known cities in the world. 

Well nothing exciting really happened this week but stay tuned in 2 weeks when the real "Adventures in France with Elder Blake Wilson" start up. It's bound to be an exciting two years.

Love you all and thanks for writing me!

Until next time,

Elder Wilson