Wednesday, July 8, 2015

America's Birthday-MTC Style - Week 4

MTC life gets super repetitive. That's why this week isn't going to be very exciting. Well I do at least have a few things to report on. 

So how many of you remember watching Annie the movie? No, not the new one, which I haven't seen, but the super old one that I grew up watching all the time. At the beginning there are all the girls scrubbing the floors and working hard for the lady named Miss Hannigan. So we have this teacher here named Frère Adams and he's the teacher that makes us work more so somehow he got the nickname Frère Addigans. Basically we start singing "It's a Hard Knock Life" when we don't want to do something. I think he appreciates our angelic voices but not our actual reasons for doing things. Meh, I'm sure he likes it on the inside. Side note to that, he admitted this week that we are the most fun district he's ever had while working here. Ten points for Gryffindor err... District 63B. Same thing practically.

Now, the 4th of July, a.k.a. the best day of the year because its freaking AMERICA's birthday. I woke up with patriotism flowing through my veins, put on my American flag socks (see pictures) and made sure I was wearing red, white and blue for all to see. We walked as a squad all gleaming with our love for this country; everyone else was jealous of how Freedom shined from us. With our flags in hand and my socks on my feet, we sang all 4 verses of the national anthem in our French class. And yes, those things shouldn't go together but they did. Our day went on like usual except for the fact that we were appreciating our lives and living in the best dang country in the world. We were lucky enough to stay out late, yes 11:30 pm is late here, and watch what only Americans would do and shoot fire into the sky for all to see. Here is where there should be pictures of some fireworks but since you can find some better ones online, I'll spare you the pain of my amateur camera work. Actually, we didn't even leave the grounds to watch the fireworks. We just stood in a parking lot and barely got a glimpse if we stood just right in between some trees. But, we were the cool kids because we snuck all the glow sticks and things that my Mom sent in my Independence Day package with supplies for my entire district and had them with us outside. We ended the day, again singing the national anthem, while saluting the American flag in our room. This day was one to remember.

Didn't have much time today but there wasn't much that happened. 

But I'll talk to you all soon and by this time next week, I'll have my travel plans to finally get out to France. Stay tuned for the updates again next week.

Love you all!

Elder Wilson

Gotta love the socks!

 Thanks for the flag, Mom.

Decorations in our classroom. Everyone tried to steal our stuff because we were so much cooler. 

Madsen...I mean Elder Cheever, my BYU roommate, going to the California Irvine Mission.