Tuesday, July 21, 2015

AAAnnd ... He's Off! - Week 6

Blake left the MTC at 6:00 am Monday morning to get on the plane in Salt Lake, had a brief layover in New York, and when I say brief, I am not exaggerating (more to come on that) and then on to Paris with another layover and 21 1/2 long hours later he arrived in Lyon. We were able to talk to him for about an hour while he was in Salt Lake and talk for a few more minutes when he was in New York ... sprinting through JFK ... trying to find the correct terminal. All eleven missionaries landed in New York a half hour ahead of schedule, which was a major blessing because had they arrived on time, they would have missed their connection to Paris. Upon landing, they immediately headed to the International Terminal because they now had to fly on Air France. They landed in terminal 4 and had to get to Terminal 1. None of them knew where to go and with lots of help from airport workers, they boarded a tram to take them across the airport. They all needed to print their boarding passes for the next leg of their journey, but when they got up to the kiosks to do it, the time frame was too close to take off, so they were unable to print them out. They had to stand in line at the ticket counter and by the time they got up to the counter and the ticketing agent saw nine young men in suits and two sisters in dresses all trying to make the same flight that was boarding in a few minutes AND they still had to go through security, she knew she had to do something major to make this happen. She started running with them in the terminal toward their plane, called ahead to another worker to grab them on the other side, who also ran with them and had them go through First Class security so they could move along as fast as possible. They barely made the plane on time. Blake said that somehow along the way, two of the eleven of them got lost and he wasn't sure they even got on the plane. He called me while they were sprinting around and then called again when he got on the plane, recovering from all that running. He said that as soon as the plane reached flying altitude, he would walk around the plane to see if the other two missionaries made it on. I'm hoping for themselves and their mothers, that they made it!  

And just like with Trevor, I watched all day and stayed up all night watching the little plane on the screen and getting updates from Delta until I knew that Blake landed safely in Lyon at 3:30 am. This mother cannot sleep until she knows all her kids are safe and/or are in bed. Now just waiting to hear from the mission office about where he will be serving and who his companion will be ... Stay tuned!

Screen shot of Delta flights 444, 1015 and 8320